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Exercising in the last month of pregnancy?

So I've been really good about exercising throughout pregnancy (mostly because I don't want to be good about eating, haha), but the last couple weeks have been a trial!

During the majority of my pregnancy I was working out on a bike and an elliptical since it was low impact, running made my heart rate way to high! But at about 32 weeks I lost access to these machines and instead just had a treadmill. I did some light jogging for about a week but it put WAY too much pressure on my pelvis and I was in pain all the time. So now I am just walking a LOT. Last week this was fine, but this week I'm having the same kind of pain as when I was jogging....like my baby's head is going to rip my cervix in two, ouch! My baby is pretty low and I am 1cm dilated, though I'm not sure if that makes any difference. I would just call it quits on exercising all together, but I still have a month to go and let's face it, I still want my Ben & Jerry's. :)

What have you experienced as far as exercising goes? Is there such thing as walking too much? Does pelvic pain hurt the baby or just me? Have you found a cardio activity (other than swimming) that works well for you?

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Re: Exercising in the last month of pregnancy?

  • I did 20 minutes of Yoga the other day, and I thought I was going to die lol. But to be fair, I can't even spend 30 mins cleaning without feeling like somebody attacked my hips with a hammer...
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  • I am dying to get back to a cardio routine.

    If I were walking and had pain, I'd just try to break it down into shorter walks. I walk on the treadmill sometimes, and do short prenatal yoga sessions, but that's about it right now. Maybe do a 15 minute strength routine with some light weights instead of the extra cardio? I'm regretting not keeping my arms in better shape during pregnancy--that baby will need me to pick him up!

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    I walked through most of mine and the doctor said that was a good low impact exercise. It also helped my sciatica.

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  • I was boxing until about 25 weeks. But now I have no choice but to walk (the dog needs to go out)  I just wait until later in the day when it's not as hot to go for a long walk. 

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  • My exercise through my pregnancy was work!  That and walking the dog, but now if I'm on my feet more than 10-15 minutes, I'm swollen like crazy!  This July mommy is enjoying her non exercising last month on the couch bumping it up!  Can't wait to get on the elliptical after LO comes out and I heal!

  • I've been working out the whole time, but man it is getting harder.  I was a CrossFit person Pre-Pregnancy and I've done crossfitmom.com workouts 5x a week up until this last month. I'm at the end of week 37 and now it seems like I get 3-4 workouts in a week, none more than 20 mins, and most of them with lots of modifications. 

    I feel bad when I miss a workout and end up sleeping on the couch instead...but when DH starts laughing at me breathing hard carrying the laundry up the steps I figure that has to count as some sort of workout, right?

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  • I walk ~30 minutes every day and occasionally do the bleachers over at our high school.  I also do squats, lunges, and light weight lifting.  Even on days when I feel like I can't do it I make myself- I want it to be easier to get back into post-baby.
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  • I used my elliptical regularly until about two weeks ago when it finally broke for good.  Since then, I have still been walking the dogs (when it is cool enough-so not today when it will be 100!!).  I will walk them about 2 miles.  Occasionally I will do Wii Fit which isn't intense at all, but it is at least something to get me moving.

    We have to look into investing into a new elliptical because that is what I know I will definitely use to get back into shape after the baby is born. 

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  • I have worked out the entire pregnancy.  I have the same issue where some days I feel like if I walk another minute my LO will fall out on the treadmill.  I now walk and every five minutes I step on the sides and drink my water.  It's like a 30 second break and seems to help me.  I think of it as practice for labor.  They say labor is a marathon...so I am training for the greatest marathon of my life!!  :)
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    I used to be a 7 day a week gym girl, and stopped around December ;)

    Since the hip pain started my only exercise is work, walking, or swimming-- I'm usually at work for ~14-15 hours walking/running around on my feet the majority of the time so I figure that counts for something!

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    I was working out regularly at the gym throughout my entire pregnancy until this week.  Ugh, I feel like such a failure, I really wanted to keep it up until the end.  DH and I have been getting up at 5am and going to the gym before work, but I have just been so exausted and my feet have been swelling in the warmer weather, so it's been tough the past few weeks.  This week we just threw in the towel.  Our c/s is scheduled for next thursday, so I guess I made it pretty far.

    I was doing a combination of cardio and weights.  I never did the treadmill though, unless other machines were full, then I'd walk but it was never really comfortable for me to walk on the treadmill for some reason.

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