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Failed Gluclose Tests

Has anyone ever failed their 1hr test and also the 3hr test? I was told yesterday that I failed both even though I sever vomiting at the times, which I think affected my results since I was unable to keep anything down. I have now been referred to a specialist.

Re: Failed Gluclose Tests

  • Yes. There are a lot of us who have failed both tests. You should check out the high risk board. Any post with GD in the title will probably have good information for you. Good luck!
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  • It's not so bad.  Do a search for GD and you will find tons of info.

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  • I had my 3h test today but after 1,5 I vomited and almost fainted so will probably have to do another in few days.

     I read that a specialist will give you a special diet - you can find a lot of information all around this blog. 

  • I failed mine, but I also know that it's something that is beyond my control.  With changing what I have eaten, my levels have come down and I do feel better.  I'm also on VERY LITTLE insulin twice a day, which helps.  The education center I went to helped me confirm that I can be in charge of what goes into my body, but sometimes our bodies have different ideas while we are pregnant.  It is NOT the end of the world if you are proactive, as lots of questions, and know what's going on to keep both you and your baby safe.   When you meet with the people that will help you start, they will ask you your favorite foods, what places you like to eat out at, and give you ideas and suggestions.  It's a LOT to take in, but after a few days, even a week, it starts to become second nature.  It's a temporary situation with gestational diabetes that all of us who have it will get through.  It's not just about our health anymore, it's about our children too.
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