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Excited and nervous...

2 weeks ago I told my midwife that I was having random contractions and she was concerned...checked me and said everything was closed and good.  So I didn't stress and felt really stupid for even mentioning it to her.  Then yesterday my midwife checked me and said I was 1cm dilated and baby girl is head down.  I was so excited and couldn't stop smiling!  Once I got home, it dawned on me that we are driving 3 hours to my baby shower this weekend.  I didn't mention it to my midwife because if she said I couldn't go, my husband would have said we are staying home...not happening!  But now I'm concerned because I really don't want to have my baby out of town.

So I went online to check out other women who are 1cm at 36 weeks and found very depressing news that most women stay at 1cm for weeks!!  I thought for sure if I kept up my 5 day gym workouts and had our regular sex that this baby would be here in a week or two...Ugh.  So I'm super excited that I'm making progress; nervous that I might go into labor out of town and also nervous that I may not go into labor until after 40 weeks!!  AHHH!!!

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Re: Excited and nervous...

  • I know how you feel, I was at 1 cm for two weeks and now have been stuck at 3 for the last week. Still not effaced! It's depressing. Have fun at that baby shower girl!!!!
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    Hopefully baby hangs tight for the weekend, and then comes when you're ready after that. Have a lovely shower.
  • I'm hoping she stays in there for at least another two weeks.  But the possibility of any day now since I've started to dilate makes me nervous...yet I am ready to not be pregnant!  :)  South Carolina heat is no fun pregnant!!


    The shower should be interesting!  The family member throwing it is not the most punctual and organized person...haha!  But she means well, and that is all that matters.  :)

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  • I've been 1cm and 60% effaced since my 36 week appointment. Sigh. Hoping my 39 week appointment on Thursday will show improvement but I'm doubting it since I've had zero contractions. 


    I would still call about your 3 hour drive though. Specifically, call your insurance. They may not cover you if you have to deliver at another hospital.  

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  • Do you think I could just drive back while in labor?  I know 3 hours is far...but based on our childbirth class, first time moms don't usually have their babies in 3 hours.  I keep joking that we will just drive back and I will labor in the back seat and just try to rest...Is this a silly idea? 
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