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2nd Tri Check In

 Hi ladies.  I hope I have everyone's info correct.  If not, please let me know.How are you feeling?  Any exciting news or updates?QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Any traditions that you do every year?  With that said the 2nd Tri Check in will be on hiatus next week.  I will be back posting the check in the next Tuesday, July 10!Please let me know if there are any questions you would like to ask in coming weeks.  I'm still looking for suggestions. If you are new to the check-in please reply to post and include your due date and whether you are pregnant with a singleton or multiplesIf you are moving on to 3rd tri please let us know and Congrats :) Name EDD Sex IBackBevo 9/21/12  Boy stillwaiting12 9/25/12   CGoldman96 9/28/12  Twins - Team  Purple cheetara2 9/29/12  Boy thundercatsarego 9/30/12  Twins- Boys watkinae 10/9/12  Boy Jeepie Doll 10/10/12  Twins kobrie01 10/11/12  Team Green thebeadinglady 10/11/12  Team Green YogiKC0519 10/12/12  Team Green sbrown08 10/17/12  Team Green amaksym05 10/18/12  Boy theworms 10/20/12  Team Green -  Twins MAbride0808 10/21/12  Girl Ruthie04 10/23/12  Twin Boys albjag 10/24/12  Team Green jamielynnohio 10/24/12  Girl chiwifey 10/26/12  Boy nancyjane5150 10/27/12  Twins-Boys jillychris 10/29/12  Girl Trish11278 10/30/12  Boy jessican08 10/31/12  Twins- Team      Purple pb_bride 10/31/12   Boy hunterjumper102 10/31/12   Boy limpetfan 11/1/12   Boy JodiAriel 11/7/12   Twin Girls mizzougal08 11/10/12   Twin Girls psychmusetls 11/15/12   katie599 11/18/12   Twins-Boys IttyBittyBaby 11/19/12   HappyIAm 11/24/12   Boy Faith722 11/25/12   lisaiesha 11/28/12   MrsLouis12 11/29/12   Twins maby22 12/2/12   Twins BBN2012 12/3/12   tgreenf 12/6/12   Twins dancinaggie 12/6/12   angela2004 12/8/12   Pnut30 12/17/12   4LegsRBest 12/21/12   LauraBeth1401 12/27/12   bellalou32 12/28/12   Team Green laureniskeen 1/3/13    
Trying To Conceive since November 2009
Dx: PCOS and MFI
IUI#1-4 all BFN
IVF#1 January (4R, 4M, 1F) BFP
Colt was born on 10/27 at 11:50pm. 6lbs and 19 1/4"
Surpise! Baby #2 is on it's way.  EDD 9.18.14

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Re: 2nd Tri Check In

  • Update:  I had a appointment with my OB this morning and everything is looking good!  We got the final results of our NT and quad screen.  Our DS risk was 1:4700 and something else was 1:1100 but I cant remember what it was.  Everything else they test for was 1:>50000.  At our next appointment I will have my 1 hour glucose test, ugh!

    QOTW:  Every year that DH is not deployed we spend the 4th of July holiday with his family in IL.  The Saturday before the 4th the town next to his does a fantastic fireworks display and then we go to his hometown's parade on the 4th.  We will be spending 11 days up there this time since we won't be traveling with Colt for a while.  I will be so ready to come home though! 

    Trying To Conceive since November 2009
    Dx: PCOS and MFI
    IUI#1-4 all BFN
    IVF#1 January (4R, 4M, 1F) BFP
    Colt was born on 10/27 at 11:50pm. 6lbs and 19 1/4"
    Surpise! Baby #2 is on it's way.  EDD 9.18.14

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  • How are you feeling?  Any exciting news or updates? No news really.  Announced on FB today.  It's been really nice to see the responses.  Some of them get me all teary eyed.  Not good for this hormonal pregnant girl! Our next appointment is on 7/12.
    QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Any traditions that you do every year? We don't have any real traditions and no real plans.  Maybe we'll have my family over for a cook out or do something like that.  We might just spend the day together the two of us and go for a drive.
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    TTC #1
    IVF w/ICSI #1 March 2012 - DD born January 2013

    TTC #2
    FET #1 January 2014 - Loss at 9w5d
    FET #2 July 2014 - BFN

    No snow babies left.  We are officially one and done. 
  • No real updates, just anxiously awaiting my a/s on Thursday morning.  I also have a cervical measurement u/s at my OB on Friday so I will be getting to see the little guys twice this week!

    We are going to be in Maine for the 4th and we are staying for the whole week.  DH has to work though since he is saving all of his vacation time for when the babies arrive, but at least he can work from Maine.  I guess this is also our babymoon since we have no other trips planned.  My parents are coming for the second half of the week and so are my brother and his fiance.  We will also be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary on July 3rd.

     Hope everyone has a great week and a happy 4th!

  • Pnut30Pnut30
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    Hi Everyone I hope you are all feeling good!

    No updates.. I am feeling good, just getting anxious to feel some sort of movement!! My tummy has definitely gotten bigger the last week or so though so that has been exciting!

    QOTW: No real traditions... we usually just barbecue at home, especially if the holiday is during the week. We live really close to where our city does their fireworks, so usually fourth of July evening is spent trying to pry kitties from their hiding spots! I do have to say that I just realized that this will probably be the first fourth of July in a very long time that I will not be having beers!! Oh well, it is for a very good reason!

    I hope you all have a great week and holiday!

    Me: 32 DH: 36
    TTC since 3/2010
    Dx: Azoospermia in 3/2011
    All b/w, U/S, genetic testing normal, biopsy in 5/2011 confirmed production problem
    successful mTESE in 11/11!
    IVF#1 ER 3/27 5dt of 1 blast 4/1
    Beta 1 on 4/16: 1017!!!
    baby boy due 12/17/12
    He is here! December 27, 2012
  • Moving over from 1st tri!

    EDD 12/29/12 with twins, we are team green.

    How are you feeling?  Any exciting news or updates?

    I *think* the nausea is getting better. Maybe? Still just want to nap all the time. Luckily I only have 2 more days of work before a one month vacation. Hopefully my energy returns before I start my new job next month.

    QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Any traditions that you do every year?  We are going to Flathead Lake in Montana. For the last few years we have rented a cabin on the lake, and sit around doing nothing. It's amazing. Although our dog could do without the fireworks (it's on an Indian reservation so lots and lots of fireworks).

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    TTC #1 since 2009 with unexplained infertility
    IUI#1-4 Jan.-Apr. 2011 = BFNs
    IVF#1 Aug. 2011 = c/p, FET #1 Nov. 2011 = c/p, FET #2 April 2012 = BFP!
    Beta #1 = 153, Beta #2 = 269, Beta #3 = 675
    1st U/S = TWINS!! EDD 12/29/12
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  • How are you feeling? good :)  tired and trying to take it easy  Any exciting news or updates?  I have growth scan on Thursday, praying for big babies :)
    QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?   lay around and do nothing :)  Any traditions that you do every year?  not really DH usually has to work :(   Enjoy your vaca
    Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, It empties today of its strength. ~Corrie ten Boom
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. ~Mary Anne Radmacher (thank you beadinglady)

    It's been a long journey. TTC since 9/06. multiple IUI's and IVF's and 4 m/c's. IVF#3 = BFP, twins, induced at 34w6d due to baby b passing away (no explanation). Delivered on 35w1d, Baby A - baby girl, and Baby B - baby boy, our little angel.
    MTHFR A1298C & C677T, Immune Issues and Factor II
  • Update:  Things are going very well so far.  I feel Jackson move around everyday and DH got to feel him for the first time on Sunday!  The only thing that has been bothering me is my carpal tunnel.  I have to wear my brace on both arms at night time and almost all day long to have any relief. 

    QOTW:  We always have a big pool party at my mother's house with our entire family.  So excited to show off my bump next weekend!


    PAIF/SAIF Always Welcome

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    TTC since April 09

    SA 4% morph ~ RE recommends IVF

    DH diagnosed with Varicocele ~ surgery Sept 2010

    DH results came back good! Jan 2011 ~ Recommend IUI

    IUI#1,2 & 3 ~ clomid = BFN

    IUI#4 7/26 ~ 5mg Femara = BFN

    IUI#5 8/22 ~ 150iu Bravelle + HCG + Booster = BFP!!!!

    9/27 @ 7weeks pg no h/b & enlarged yok sac (m/c)

    IUI#6 12/12 ~ 100mg clomid = BFN

    IUI#7 1/11 ~ 150iu Bravelle + HCG + Booster = BFFN

    IUI#8 2/8 ~ 225iu Bravelle + Ovidrel + Prometrium = BFP!!!

    6w3d ~ hb 126 8w3d ~ hb 160, March 30th~ Released from RE

    A/S June 15th ~ It's a BOY!


  • How are you feeling?  Pretty well.  Sleeping overall much better.  Not as paranoid about my previous tear - no spotting at all in almost a month ::knock on wood::Any exciting news or updates? My anatomy scan's tomorrow!!!!!!!  Can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or girl =)  Little stinker kept their legs shut at 17 weeks - LO better cooperate tomorrow!!QOTW: No holiday plans - DH has to work at night.  We will probably just relax.  We live in a touristy area - right smack between Atlantic City and Ocean City so it's nicer not to go out.  Too much traffic!
    Tara & Dave - TTC since September 2006
    PCOS - dx 1999 (amenorrhea) | freakishly long fallopian tubes
    Hypoglycemic | thyroid issues | severely anemic
    Multiple Clomid cycles of 50, 100, 150 - absolutely no response
    Follistim 50/100 | Follistim 75/125 | Follistim 100/150 IUI - all BFNs
    Converted IVF - BFP - m/c | FET - BFN | IVF #2 = BFN
    IVF #3
  • hunterjumper, thanks for doing the check-in!  Glad to hear your screening tests came back good!

    Hope all the 2nd tri ladies are doing well, and safe travels to those who will be going away for July 4th. 

    How are you feeling?  Week 2 of my cold and it's finally better. Never been this sick for so long!  Also have a lot of BHs the last few days which has gotten me worried.  OB nurse told me to drink lots of water but I don't think it's helping much.

    Any exciting news or updates? I have been able to hear LO's hb via my stethoscope this past week; it's something I hadn't expected this early.

    QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Any traditions that you do every year?  Since we moved back to the Boston area, we've been going to SIL's place for dinner followed by walking out on the Charles for the fireworks.  Not sure if we're doing it this year b/c I don't know if I want to stand for 1-2 hrs with no easy access to bathroom facilities...
    TTC since 10/2008  RE consult 6/2010 Dx:Unexplaied IF

    Failed multiple cycles of Clomid+TI and Clomid+IUI

    3/2011 inj+IUI #1 BFP. 4/2011 missed m/c. 

    Fall 2011 inj+IUI #2&3 BFN

    Jan/Feb 2012 IVF#1 BFP 2/23  EDD 10/31/2012 ~~~ Halloween ~~~

    Our IVF miracle, Baby Boy M, arrived on 11/8/2012!
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  • Update:   I have been feeling good.  I think I'm finally feeling movement!  It feels like a popping/pulsing feeling.   I have my monthly appointment tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to meeting with the OB again.   The only negative is I have been dealing with insomnia the last few nights.   I'm hoping it is something I ate/drink and not a look at what will be coming.

    QOTW:  For the actual fourth, I'm not sure where I will be because my father and DH need to o work on one of the two construction projects they are working on.  We may do a clam bake whereever.  HOwever, on that Friday we are heading up to ME for my grandfather's 90th birthday weekend.  We really don't have any traditions so to speak, but I do like to catch the fireworks somewhere.   

    TTC since Jan. 2010 DX Unexplained infertility
    3 IUI's w/Clomid & Ovidrel=all BFNs
    3 IVF (2 Fresh, 1 frozen) =BFN
    New RE IVF#3=BFP!
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    Love, Marriage, and Baby Carriage!
    TTC #2 unassisted November 2014

  •  How are you feeling?  Any exciting news or updates? No big updates. Our next level II ultrasound/ growth scan/ tv cervical check is on 7/3 at 24 weeks! I'm so eager to hear how the babies are doing (and how my body is holding up). I had been having lots of side and back pain, but the support belt has made all the difference! Both boys move all the time and now DH can feel them every day =). At the last OB appointment, I was measuring six weeks ahead...right on track! QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Any traditions that you do every year? We don't really have a social life these days and my energy is hit or miss, so I think we will probably be taking it easy at home. 
    TTC in 2009, Dx: Unexplained IF
    Three TI cycles (BFP...miscarriage), five IUI attempts and 2.5 IVF cycles later...BFP!!
    12dp5dt: 765; 15dp5dt: 1979; 17dp5dt: 3379...TWINS!!!!!
    Our perfect baby boys were born at 36w1d!! 

  • How are you feeling?  Any exciting news or updates? I have been feeling really good lately. Baby gave me a bit of a scare yesterday when I realized I had felt much movement over the weekend, but everything turned out A-OK. No big updates.
    QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Any traditions that you do every year? I will be working on the actual day, which is fine because I don't usually go to any cookouts or fireworks displays. The Sunday after 4th of July is my DH's annual family reunion so I will be spending that day sitting in front of a fan trying not to sweat to death.
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    7 rounds of Clomid,

    1 round of Gonal F,

    4 IUIs,

    and 65 pounds lost and counting all resulting in BFNs

    March 2011 IVF#1 225iu Gonal F, 75iu Menopur= 4 eggs retrieved, 1 fertilized,
    3dt of The Champ = BFN

    June 2011 IVF#2 520iu Gonal F, 75iu Menopur =
    10 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized, 5dt of 2 blasts = BFN

    Jan. 2012 IVF #3 675iu Gonal F, 75iu Menopur, 30mg Lovenox, steroids=

    11 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized, 5dt of 2 beautiful blasts=

    BFP!!!! Beta #1 = 102, Beta #2 = 285 Beta #3 = 1805

    1st u/s = One Jelly Bean, HR 128!

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  • How are you feeling?  Feeling good. Been tired the last couple of days with a headache. I was a sleep at 8:30 pm last night.

    Any exciting news or updates? My OB appt last week was nothing special. I heard the HB again :-)

    Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Any traditions that you do every year?  We have no traditions, I always try to drag my DH to some firework show. We have a friend who is going to be throwing a 4th of July party on the 6th. That will be fun.
    SAIF/PAIF Welcome

    We have been TTTC since July 2008:

    Irregular cycles, high prolactin, dilated right tube, cysts, male IF

    IUI # 1 ~ 12/09/10 ~ 50 mg Clomid, 250 mg Ovidrel = BFN

    IUI #2 ~ 01/09/11, #3~ 02/11/11 & # 4.2~ 04/19/11~ 20 mg Tamoxifen, 250 mg Ovidrel = BFN

    IUI # 5 ~ 09/28/11, # 6 ~ 11/23/11, & # 7~ 12/17/12~ 112.5 iu Gonal F, 250 mg Ovidrel = BFN

    12/14/11 ~ IVF consult
    IVF #1 ~ 02/15/12 BCP, 02/29/12 10 units Lupron, 3/9/12 Baseline,
    03/09/12 stimms 250 iu Gonal F, 5 units Lupron ~ 03/20/12 ER = 5 eggs ~ 03/23/12 ET = One-4BF transfered~ Beta # 1 04/04/12 = 134 ~ Beta # 2 04/06/12 = 283 ~ Beta # 3 04/09/12 = 906

    Due date 12/08/12 :-)
    Born 12/15/12 :)


  • How are you feeling?  Feeling OK. I'm getting really tired in the afternoons now - so much for that 2nd tri burst of energy! Any exciting news or updates? My friend is coming with me to register next weekend so I'm looking foward to that! On the contraction front - they still suck. I had over 30 yesterday. Today's been better thankfully. Today at my appt. I found out my cervix has gone from 5cm on 6/1 to 3.5cm on 6/18. Still an average length for where I am, I know, but it's a bit alarming to know I've lost 30% of it in 18 days. I have a MFM appointment Friday so hopefully it'll be good news.
    QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Any traditions that you do every year?   We don't have any real traditions...I'm sure I'll be eating some hamburgers on the grill though! And maybe some hot dogs if I can find the nitrate free ones...I miss hot dogs!!
    TTC 12/2009
    Me: 32 - Stage II Endo / DH: 36 - Low count and morphology (1%)
    IUIs 1-3 BFN, lap Dec. 2010, IUIs 4-6 BFN
    IVF w/ICSI #1 - ER 2/8: 24R 19M 9F ET 2/13 2-5 day blasts (no frosties) = BFP - b/g twins!
    E & C Born 10/19/2012
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  • maby22maby22
    Third Anniversary

    QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Any traditions that you do every year?  

    No traditions yet but it's our 1st 07/04 here...i know that from where we live you can see downtown's fireworks so I just hope to make have a nice dinner and watch the fireworks.  We've noticed our furbabbies have become terrified of them so we'll have to sedate them and stay close for this year. 

    Me:35, DH:37 Multiple Pregnancies but no take home baby-
    Uterine cavity abnormaility (corrected in 2006)
    IVF #1: BCP 02/13, stims 03/05, ER 03/16: 13 retrieved/ 6 fertilized, ET 03/19 transferred 2 embies,03/29 +HPT, Beta #1 03/30: 365!!, beta #2 04/02: 1209, u/s #1 04/13: TWINS!! and saw heart bearts, u/s #2 04/26: 2 heart beats 166 & 163 bpm!!! all is well and no more RE for ME(I mean US)/..........We are having TWIN GIRLS!!!............................................................

    I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

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  • How are you feeling? Any exciting news or updates? I feel good for the most part.  My joints are starting to hurt a lot, especially my hips from sleeping on my sides.  My blood sugar seems to be a lot better now, but the after breakfast number is still questionable from time to time. 

    QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday? Any traditions that you do every year? No traditions really, usually just cookout.  This year, I'll be staying inside for sure, as it was 104 degrees today!
  • No updates - we have our gender scan planned for July 9th so hopefully our muppet will cooperate!

    We usually go to DH's parents house on the 4th (in central Nebraska). It will be fun but I am not in the mood to travel right now.

    The only question I have that I am curious about is completing your family. I know I am putting the cart ahead of the horse but it took us 3 years to get pg with this LO and we always wanted 3 so we are having to rethink how we will complete our family going forward. I would like to hear others opinions on this and what they are going to do to achieve their ideal family size.

    Me: 37 DH: 40 TTC since 9/09
    #1 BFP 1/10/11; missed m/c discovered 7w5d
    IF Dx: Endo, hetero MTHFR mutation, poor morphology
    #1 IUI: 1/18/12 = BFN
    #1 IVF/ICSI 4/2/12 = 2 x 7-cell and 1 x 5-cell transferred (3dt) = BFP!!
    H was born at 41w2d on 12/29/12 - be still my heart!
    #2 IVF/ICSI 1/19/14 = 2 x 8 cells transferred (3dt) = BFP!! EDD 10/09/14
    M&W born at 37 weeks on 9/18/14 - I am the momma of 3 boys!!!

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  • How are you feeling?  Good.  Still have to take zofran, though.  Any exciting news or updates? Had a great appt today.  HB 155.  QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday?  Going over my cousin's house.  They have a huge party every year.  Any traditions that you do every year?  Going to my cousins.  
    Married 10.2.10 (Me:34 and DH:35)

    7.19.11 BFP

    7.30.11 LAP due to Ectopic

    8.16.11 Not whole PG taken out and had internal bleeding with 2 liters blood in abdomen. Went into shock and Cardiac Arrest. No pulse, No blood pressure. Left Tubal Ligation, 2 blood transfusions, and a plasma transfusion.
    Told not to try and conceive naturally, again.
    11.2.11 FSH 23, AMH 0.52, diagnosed with DOR and MTHFR
    12.7.11 ET (Transferred 2-8A's and froze 2-8A's, 2-8B's, and a 6B)
    IVF #1 Failed
    1.17.12 Right tubal ligation
    4.9.12 FET. Transferred a 10A, 10B and a morula ( from a 3dt)
    4.16.11 7dp3dt BFP!!!
    4.23.12 Beta #1 is a whopping 1,275!!
    4.30.12 First u/s and Beta #2: 12,299
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  • Hello ladies!! Please add me.  My EDD is 12/12 with a singleton.

    I think I feel little one in the evenings sometimes although I know it is really early. I still get sick in the mornings a couple times a week and I am still tired all the time.  I am hoping the second tri energy burst happens soon :). I also started feeling RLP for the first time last night... At leastthat's what I hope it is.  I can't wait to hear LO's heartbeat at my next appointment, 7/10.

    DH are going to FIL's for a party.  The have one every year.  It's going to be a hot one! 


    TTC since June 2011
    DH diagnosed with Testicular Cancer 8/2010
    Low sperm count. Only option IVF with ICSI
    Starting First cycle Jan/Feb 2012- Canceled due to not responding to BCP and/or Lupron
    IVF 1.2- stims March 14, ER March 24, 16 R 10F 6 made it to blast
    ET March 29- transferred two blasts, 4A and 4BA, froze 4
    Positive HPT 9dp5dt Beta 1- 385 11dp5dt
    u/s April 25- one healthy heartbeat
    EDD 12/12/12>

  • Update: Found out last week that we are having boys!! 

    Qotw: I wish we were doing something for the 4th! We usually find something to do last minute like a pool party, but I find it extra miserable this summer with the Houston heat. I need a vacay :) 

    Me: 28, DH: 29
    DX: DOR & major hormone imbalances; DH low motility
    4 Clomid cycles + Trigger = BFN
    2 Femara cycles + Trigger + IUI = BFN
    IVF 7R,5F; ET cancelled - high P4; Froze 3
    FET transferred 2 beautiful embies!
    Beta #1 - 2,353! Beta #2 - 5,000! It's TWINS!
    Hayden River & Connor Jackson born at 34 weeks on October 19, 2012!
  • I'm new to 2nd tri...could you please add me? Thanks! Chels38026, 1/2/13, twins :)

    QOTW: No real plans for the 4th yet. DH and I will probably take advantage of having the day off to start clearing stuff out of the room that will become the nursery.
    After 5 TI Clomid cycles, 5 IUIs, and 2 IVFs we finally got our BFP!
    Beta#1 (12dp3dt)= 353, Beta#2 (15dp3dt)= 1466, Beta#3 (22dp3dt)= 14,139, First u/s: TWINS!!
    After 10 weeks of bedrest, our two little ladies joined us at 28w6d
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  • Update:  I'm feeling pretty good.  Still tired on and off, but it's much better than it was.  I'm definitely more irritable lately, but I think it's b/c I'm surrounded by idiots at work. 

    I *finally* got to hear the baby's heartbeat at my last ob appt.  Very cool! 

    QOTW:  No real traditions. We usually go to see the fireworks and later watch the Macy's fireworks on tv.  

    IVF #3 = Feb 2012
    beta#1 3/21 (14dp3dt)=413, beta#2 3/23 (16dp3dt)=785, u/s 4/11
    EDD 11/25/12
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  • Update:  Nothing much at the moment, just anxiously awaiting my a/s on 7/9!  I've been feeling pretty good all around.  I'm still taking Zofran more often than not, and am wondering if my all day m/s plans on sticking around the whole time?!  I feel like it's a normal part of daily life now ;)  Energy has been pretty decent, and I'm enjoying the ride!

    QOTW:  I think we plan on heading downtown to Freedom Fest with some friends.  There will be a concert and big fireworks show.  I'm sure we'll melt, seeing how it's been about 250 degrees here already!

    Hope you ladies are having a wonderful week :) 

    TTC #1 since 7/09

    Me: 31; DH: 35 (Leukemia Survivor!)

    DOR, MTHFR a1298c (homozygous)

    9/10-12/10 2 Clomid + TI cycles and 2 Clomid + IUI Cycles = BFN

    9/11 IVF w/ICSI #1: 7R, 6F; 5dt of 2 blasts, 2 frozen; Beta#1 = 174 Beta#2 = 110 Beta#3 = 334 Beta#4 = 246 e/p - Treated with 2 rounds of MTX

    11/23/11 FET #1 = c/p

    3/12 IVF w/ICSI #2: 3/16 5ER, 2M, 2F w/icsi; 3/21 5dt of 2 blasts; 4/4 Beta #1=1423 4/9 Beta #2=>5000 BFP!



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  • Run20KRun20K
    500 Comments Third Anniversary 5 Love Its
    Can I be added? My EDD is 11.10.12 and I'm having a girl!

    Update: I'm starting to feel movement, which is exciting! 

    QOTW: We're going to Paris over July 4th!
    TTC since 12/2009
    Me: 34 Him: 40 
    Dx: Severe MFI (low count)
    IVF #1 : BFN
    IVF #2 : BFP
    2 Snowbabies
    It's a GIRL! 

    TTC #2 since 9/2014
    FET #1:  BFN
    FET #2:  BFN
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  • Lferr417 1/4/2013 pregnant with 1 perfect little babe

    rounding the corner this weekend into 2nd tri :) Could i be added  

    July 1st is our 1st wedding anniversary so will be doing dinner that night, and 4th of July is our "dating" anniversary (10 years- cant believe it!) we always do the town fireworks with our fams. His house is close enough to walk down to the local stadium too which is great.  

    photo ecba2e48-bd74-4395-8ca1-47ae6b5df68a_zpsfd491ced.jpg photo 5d7e0910-4031-45ed-a61f-09e4245b7ac6_zps1b85690c.jpg photo 341b9e4e-8eea-4939-9d55-a1c1cf07a00c_zpsa176d7dc.jpg

    photo 84a2920e-2954-4acf-9275-ad8708055b12_zpseb05b8cb.jpg

    Me and DH - 26years old; IF DX: PCOS, Hypothyroid/Hashimotos(me)
    IVF #1 April 2012- 15 ER (4/13), 13 Fertilized, 1 transfered (4/16), 3 frozen
    Beta #1(4/28)-127 Beta #2(4/30)-301 Beta #3(5/7)-5570!!
    First ultrasound showed 1 strong little heart beat! (5/25) 7/16.. ITS A BOY!
    Brayden Nicholas Born Dec 29 2012 - 7 lbs 10 oz 20 in
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

  •   How are you feeling? Pretty good, have some sciatic pain and starting to waddle but otherwise no complaints! :)Any exciting news or updates? We registered! And are going crib shopping this weekend, I am so excited. QOTW: Since I will be out of town for 4th of July I want to know what your plans are for the holiday? Prob just relaxing and might venture out to the beach traditions that you do every year? Just try to make it out to see some fireworks.   Hvae a great vacation!

    Dx: PCOS, Anovulatory, Amenorrhea 2006
    TTC: Sept 2008
    IVF#1 Cancelled due to breast biopsy.05/01/20

    IVF#1.2- 9/2010 - Cancelled Oversurpressed

    IVF#2 Microdose Lupron 10/2010 Beta 11/09=BFN
    IVF#3 2/2011 - 2 blasts(2/25) Beta 03/11 =BFN
    IVF#4 Lupron 01/02 =2 blasts, beta's 1-4 198,234,398,3100!!BFP
    FET 3/2014 2 blasts BETA 3/20=BFP TWINS EDD 11/27 TEAM PINK!!!                   



  • The exciting news is that we are having a boy and they have upped my due date to 12/3 from 12/9!
    TTC since 8/10.Hypothyroidism, put on Synthroid. Clomid 50 mg + IUI Oct '11 = BFN. HSG found blocked tube Nov '11. Lap + Hysteroscopy to remove tube and fix septum Dec '11. Cancelled following cycle due to lack of response to Clomid. Jan/Feb '12 Clomid 100mg + Folllitism + HSG + Vivelle Dot + IUI #2 = BFN. 3/30/12: Natural Cycle BFP - beta 59 @ 12dpo, beta 286 @ 16dpo Baby boy arrived 12/8/12!
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