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S/O: What did you call your private parts as a kid?

What did you call your "private parts" when you were little?

My mom always referred to it as "tulip" so I'm pretty sure I did, too, as a kid.  Embarrassed  It's really embarrassing & I've never heard anyone else refer to it as that in my entire life.

Re: S/O: What did you call your private parts as a kid?

  • My mom called it a giggy...sounds so funny now!

    We are calling my DS's a pee-pee. 

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  • I called it a PP (or pee pee) and that is what I have DS call his as well and will have DD call her's. :)
  • Pee pee. I also came home from MDO about 3 and said my brother was a boy because he had a "dingo" and that stuck forever.

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  • "poulaki" which is sort of the known Greek word for privates, but literally means "little bird." lol.
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  • DH and MIL taught my son to call it his tiger (so embarrassing!)... and his nuts.  I call it his penis because I want him to know the real term as well.  Having a boy, I'm sure he's going to have a million words for his "parts." 
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  • My mom taught me and my sisters "twinkle" for vagina. She thought it was cute that we tinkled from our twinkle. Hmm
  • I can't remember ever having a name for mind... We have taught DD "Vagina" and "Penis" and she calls hers by its actual name. I feel more comfortable with her knowing the names of her body parts, so there is never any kind of breakdown in communication about it. For example if she was ever hurt by someone and went to tell a teacher they would understand what she was saying. Telling someone "so and so touched my tulip" might not be clear. lol. Not a fun thing to think about of course....

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  • I think I was in middle school before I learned that it wasn't "Bagina".

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  • I will never forget the first time I realized that what we called it (a poe poe) was NOT what it was supposed to be called.  I was at the doctors and had a bladder or kidney infection and my vagina hurt but I just couldn't/wouldn't talk to the doctor about it because I didn't want to use the wrong words and didn't know the right one. 

     My daughter knows she has a vagina!  Incidentally she also knows Daddy and brother have penises. 

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  • I called it my private area. It encompassed my butt too. My mom had a little call and response song she'd teach me while I bathed (I was maybe 4)               "Private areas.......DON'T TOUCH!". I had a friend who called it a tutu, but that made no sense to me.

    DS started off immediately calling his parts a PENIS, nice and loud. DH got all embarrassed and told me not to encourage it. I asked him what else he'd want him to call it. Speechless.

     Today, DS realized that there was something else down there so he announced "Mommy, this is my penis and my.........BENIS". We'll talk about testicles tomorrow.

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  • My mom called it a "puffy". To this day, the word still sort of skeeves me out. I had a friend who taught her son "pee pee tail" which I thought was hilarious and a pretty accurate description so that was what we taught DS. He shortened it to "peep" on his own around age 3, so that's what it is now.
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