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Sorry for the short rant but I figure everyone else seems to post to get stuff off their chests so here it goes. 

I went to my OB for my weekly visit...can't believe I'm down to weeklies, I'm 37w6days...and the DR. wasn't there he was delivering a baby so I guess I should be forgiving.  But I have to travel in major traffic to get to the appt. because I try to take them late in the day since I work.  I get there essentially to pee in a cup and the nurse who sees me is just an idiot.  I asked about getting checked to see where I'm at.  She gives me the when I was pregnant I didn't do that, "when it comes it comes" kind of making me feel like a jerk for asking.  Then she turns on the Ultrasound machine...and it's a total piece of ***.  The image is just grainy and horrible compared to the Maternal Fetal Ultrasounds I get upstairs. So I'm like what are you doing and why am I here.  Also there's no mention of the fact that I'm 38 weeks esssentially and this baby could come.  I know it was a nurse but I almost feel like if your not doing anything why am I here...I might as well just wait to go into labor.  Seriously. Next week I'm calling to make sure the Dr. is there before I go because seriously WTF. Doesn't 16 days to go count for something.  I read about all you ladies getting your membranes sweeped and knowing your 1-2 cm dialated and 80 percent effaced, and I get *** for asking.

Sorry and thanks for any of you who made it partially thru that rant.


Re: OB - Vent

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    I would've been extremely pissed too.  I understand when my docs are delivering someone else's baby, and can't make it there for my appointment- so long as they do the same for me!  But you were treated like crap and like your time was without any value and that's just wrong. I hope that your next appointment is much better.

    And, FWIW, my doctors u/s machines are crap too.  I either got the u/s done at the hospital or at the high risk OB's office for that reason.  They know theirs suck.

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  • This would tick me off too. At the VERY least they should have had you see a nurse practitioner, which is way higher on the medical food chain than an LVN, and can do an exam to check for effacement and such. Heck, with my medical preactice and hospital, the NP's are certified midwives, and unless you are high risk or have complications, the midwives deliver the babies.

    I get that the doc was delivering a baby, heck with #1 I sat inthe waiting room  well past my appointment time on multiple occasions for that reason, but they didn't have me see the nurse instead. You didn't even get your questions answered.

  • That's just poor nursing, too. I could never get away with that kind of behaviour-- can you imagine if I told a patient in the ICU that we didn't need to do any work up on them because "if your heart attack comes, it comes?!?!" You know, no EKG to check their heart rhythms, no heart monitor or O2 saturation meters, etc.?!?

    At my OB's office, there is more than one doctor in the office at a time to handle this sort of thing, plus a few NP Midwives. And they also offer at least one evening where they have appointments as late as 7 or 8 pm to accommodate people who work and have to travel to the appointments.

    Given that you're also so close, that is deplorable conduct on the part of the office staff/nurse. I hope you get a chance to say something to the doctor when you go back! You have every right to be miffed.


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  • You are totally right to be frustrated, that is complete crap.
  • The nurse sounds rude, because who cares if they didn't check her "in the dark ages" and labor just happened for her. Nowadays they routinely do that when you get to term, which at 38 wks you are considered term. But, you didn't have nothing done. The pee test is important to make sure you are not spilling protein, that along with vital signs taken can alert them to pre-eclampsia when you might not have been having any symptoms. Sorry about the frustrating experience.
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