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diaper bags!!!

Hello every one!

So before I had my baby I looked everywhere for the perfect baby bag and thought I found it in the Marc Jacobs one. It was great at first...tons of pockets and a nice size, but then the stitching started coming undone. So I took it back and I am nervous about this happening again so I would like to get a different bag. I am interested in the Kate Spade Stevie or the Burberry Check Tote Bag but would love to hear from someone who has either of these bags or has a different bag that you LOVE. I am looking for something functional (lots of pockets and I like those two outside side pockets) but that also doesn't necessarily look like a diaper bag.

Thank you every one!!!! :) 

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Re: diaper bags!!!

  • I have the Vera Bradley Bowler Baby Bag (in the microfiber, color wine) and I LOVE it. Lots of pockets inside and out, spillproof liner, comes with a nice changing pad. It's got enough pockets that I can use a couple for myself, and forego the purse when I'm not working.

    I've only used it for 4 months, but it still looks brand new. The microfiber ones aren't machine washable (the regular ones are!), but it cleans up easily with a mild soap and soft cloth or a baby wipe. :)

    One side note tho: online, the bag looks like a deep burgundy color... it's actually a deep (beautiful!) grape color. :)

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  • I love my Marc Jacobs one and am really pretty rough on it-- I wonder if you just got a bum one? I also have the Kate Spade Stevie. It's nice but I like that the MJ is squisher and even though they're fairly close in size, it seems like I can cram a lot more in the MJ. I find the side pockets easier to get into, too. The Stevie opens better, though, and stays open so if you're grabbing for stuff, it doesn't fall over in itself, making it easier to find things on the inside. The bag itself has more framework to it, it's just stiffer. It's also more handbag-like and feels less like a diaper bag, I think. I got the Stevie during one of the recent Kate Spade online sales really cheap. I don't think I like it for regular price but I like it for the half price I got it for. 
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  • I have the Kate Spade Stevie bag in padded grey color and I love love love it!!! 

    It's spacious and very durable. I'm very rough with it especially when I throw and shove it into the bottom of my stroller. It has a nice bottom that is waterproof and has tons of pockets inside and the side pockets are huge enough to hold 4 Dr. Brown bottles.

    I can't ask for a better bag, plus it's nice looking and everyone doesn't even know it's a diaper bag. 

  • Thank you ladies!!!! Looks like I will probably go with the Kate spade since two of you recommended it. Thank you :) :)
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