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How much milk does your LO drink in a day?

She has just started totally refusing bottles so everything she gets now comes from her sippy, which she is still learning to use.  I'd say she gets on average about 12 ounces of milk and maybe an ounce or so of water each day now.  Pedi said she needs a minimum of 16 ounces, but I don't know how to get any more liquid in her... Just wondering what other babies her age are getting.  Thanks!
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Re: How much milk does your LO drink in a day?

  • DD gets 8-16 oz of milk a day (most days closer to 16oz) and probably just about the same amount of water. We live in AZ so hydration is stressed a lot by our Pedi. 
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    Don't sweat it. Some people don't give milk at all.

    DD was the same way - she would not drink any decent amount of WCM at first and was only getting 6-10oz. She slowly has increased and probably drinks 16-20oz a day now, with some water mixed in.

    Just keep offering. You can also try a straw cup - DD did much better with these than with sippys. She'll come around!

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  • Our range is all over the place, probably 4-24 ounces.  On average he'll drink about 12 ounces.  For water he'll probably drink 2-8 ounces a day.

    Our pediatrician recommended we give lots of full fat dairy to compensate for not always getting enough milk.  He isn't really interested in yogurt these days so we are doing a lot of cheese.

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  • LO refuses to drink milk. She nurses twice a day, but my supply is super low. She gets a lot of other dairy products, so the pedi isn't concerned. She drinks 1-2 sippy cups/day of water.
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  • Around 28-30 oz here.  We use a straw cup (insulated) and my son drinks a whole cup (9 oz) in morning as soon as he gets up and is watching a show.  I let him walk around with cup.  He probably drinks an additional 4-6 oz a day of water or juice.
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  • Probably around 12-16oz of milk and 8-10oz of water.  On the days that she doesn't drink a lot of milk though, I will give her dairy with her next meal or snack (i.e., cottage cheese, yogurt or a cheese stick).

  • My dd was actually refusing milk for weeks, and I wasn't sure what to do. I finally started adding an ounce of strawberry milk to her bottles/sippy cups, with the rest of the milk, and now she loves it. She now drinks about 16 ounces a day (sometimes more or less).
  • Not sure. We still BF frequently... 
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  • I don't know how much she drinks at daycare, but she drinks 8-12 oz. at home. And a few oz. of water throughout the day.


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  • Cole drinks 24+ ounces a day.  At this rate, he will be one of those bald muscle guys that can lift cars some day lol
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  • Probably around 12-16 I would say.
  • None.
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  • About 24 oz. She takes four 6 oz sippy cups a day. I guess she leaves an ounce or so behind, though, so maybe more like 20.
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  • About 16-20 oz a day. 5oz or so of juice or water with her snack.
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  • 20 oz of rice milk and usually around 20-30 of water. The boy loves to drink. 
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  • DS is having a hard time giving up the bottles, so he gets his WCM in the bottle. 4 bottles a day about 14-20-oz and a sippy with water throughout the day. 
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  • Our daughter drinks at least, (bare minimum), 28oz per day and, of that, at least 20oz is milk, and the rest is water.

    I am not sure what type of cup you have tried with your daughter, but you may want to try the straw cups.  For us, I found that when we first switched from bottle to cup, her liquid intake was reduced significantly.  Then, when we introduced the straw style cup, she began drinking more.

    You may just have to experiment with different cup types to see which one she prefers.

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  • He drinks probably 24 ounces of water a day (at least, he looooves water).  But only 8 ounces of milk, on a good day. We offer it at every meal but he just doesn't like it very much.
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  • My DD won't drink any milk.  She refused bottles at 10 months so I started putting her formula in a sippy.  Around a year she wasn't drinking it so I tried milk.  Nope.  It was a waste.  We tried for 2 months.  My pedi isn't concerned because I still make sure she gets plenty of dairy (DD is a yogurt and cheese fanatic).  Now, water I have no idea how much she drinks.  I just constantly refill her sippy.  We live in Florida and never want her to be dehydrated.  She'll bring it to me when it's empty. 
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  • probably about 16-24oz, depending on the day. The first month of transition from BM to regular milk he refused regular milk, but he loved silk coconut milk. We did that for a couple months then switched him to WCM since it has more fat and he so skinny and he drank it fine after that. I agree a lot depends on the cup- for us the NUK learner sippys were his favorite, and still are but now he will use any cups.




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    20 oz of rice milk and usually around 20-30 of water. The boy loves to drink. 

    No wonder his diaper weighs 1 lb 7 oz in the morning! Wink

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • DD just turned a year and drinks about 12 oz a day on a good day.  I'm a little worried because she hates yogurt, but at least she eats cheese!  My pedi said goal is 16 oz at a year, but 12 is okay, especially if she's getting cheese and/or yogurt.
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