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need tips for flying with 13 month old!

i thought flying with a 3 month old was going to be tough last year but now im thinking this is going to be the challenge! she will be in my lap. how do i help her ears? we arestill doing one night bottle so i thought maybe i could give one on the plane. im more worried about keeping her still though! luckily it is a short flight (hour and a half) but i feel like its going to feel like an eternity! any advice would be greatly appreciated! 
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Re: need tips for flying with 13 month old!

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    Give her snacks. Eating cheerios is the same effect as sucking a bottle to keep her ears from popping (like an adult chewing gum). All I have to say, is bring Lysol wipes to wipe down the food tray - it is a major source of entertainment and they cant' keep their hands off of it. Also, little toys, little books to read and a blanket to cover her face when/if she sleeps. You can also put your phone on airplane mode and look through pictures on your phone as an activity.
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  • Stop by target's dollar section or dollar store and pick up a few toys/books. Give her one at a time to keep her entertained.  Like PP said keep snacks on hand.  If you are able to fly early am or during nap time is also a plus.





  • It will by really fast, dont stress about it. We flew recently and LO had no ear issues. Like others mentioned bring a couple new small toys, snacks and a sippy cup. Also they dont have milk on the plane so if you need some buy it after you go through security. We recently did a flight to the east coast, which was almost 8 hours and I stressed so much before hand and he was totally fine.


  • An hour and a half is perfect flight time with a toddler. The lap thing sucks, but bring a few books, crayons and paper, and lots of snacks. We've flown with ear infections 3-4 times and it never caused ear problems/pain the way I thought it would. We usually give the kids a sippy cup of water or something to chew on (snacks) for take off and landing. Good luck! Bring a small bag to carry on - it's a pain to try to find things in a bag when someone is sitting on your lap in a tiny seat.
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  • We just flew to Ohio from Florida with a layover in Atlanta with our 13 month old and it was tough. Not the flying, but the being in the airport. He loves to walk and loves moving sidewalks (not a bad idea to let your little one walk on those before the flight, it'll wear her out) so he was not happy to be strolled around.

    I recommend that once you get on the plan make a big deal about what is going on outside the window - point to the planes and the cars and the people working. After we did that the first couple flights (he's flown like 11 times now) he loves to look out the window.

    Also, if you can help it, try to schedule your flight for mid-day. We were able to eat lunch & nap all on the plane and still had time to do stuff once we landed in Ohio.

    Food is our sons biggest motivator, so I packed a fresh fruit salad and my own trail mix (freeze dried fruit, goldfish & graham crackers). He was happy to look at all the strangers and to eat.

    As far as the ear popping, it's never been a problem - we either give him a pacifier (the only time he gets one) or his sippy cup to drink some milk or water.


    Good luck!

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    Good luck!  Hour and a half should be fine.  I'll piggy back on what others have said.

    - Bring new toys
    - Try to bring her into the plane tired.  Give a bottle at take off and hope she sleeps the whole way.
    - You can bring a bottle of milk through security - they will not deny that.  However, if you want to avoid that, Starbucks or any coffee shop will have whole milk for sale.
    - If you are traveling with someone, have that person board the plane first so you can put your stuff in an over head bin.  But wait outside with LO as long as possible and let get any energy out before you board.
    - I asked the onboard staff if DS gets fussy, are they ok with us walking up and down the aisles.  Everyone always says as long as the seatbelt isn't required, we could walk as much as we want to.  I think people would prefer walking than screaming in a seat.
    - DS ALWAYS has a major poop on a plane.  Not sure if it's the pressure change or what, but we find it really funny.  Anyways, he throws a FIT when we have to put him on the changing table in the bathroom.  I don't think he likes the loud noise / pressure in the bathroom.  He screams bloody murder. If you have to do a diapy change, bring a nuk and some wipes to wipe the changing table down, I think airplane bathrooms are disgusting.

  • If the flight is that short, you probably won't reach an altitude high enough to make ear pressures problematic.  If she doesn't want a bottle or a soppy, chewing on snacks will help.  The hard part is going to be keeping her entertained.  I flew last month with my 13 month old on a 4 hr flight and was exhausted from trying to keep him entertained on my lap.  Books helped more than toys, as well as did walking the aisle.  Good luck!
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