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Bad diaper rash....

A&D is not cutting it and I am thinking if it does not clear in the next day or so to maybe call the pedi. My LO has had a big red rash spot on her bum now for a few days....She is eating, sleeping, being her normal self so I know it is a bad case of diaper rash...but what else can I do to help it? Any home remedies that work, or creams I should get?


Re: Bad diaper rash....

  • Triple paste works wonders for my LO. Clears it up every single time.


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  • Add about a 1/4 cup of baking soda to her bath water.  Also, Boudreaux's All Natural Butt Paste always worked wonders for us.  Since it's warm out now, maybe let her play outside with no diaper on too.  Airing out the skin can work wonders.  Good luck. 
  • Not knowing what it looks like, it's hard to tell, but I will tell you it doesn't hurt to go to the pedi.  DS had a bad rash that looked like a yeast infection... doctor looked at it and said yep and prescribed cream for it.  Fast forward 3-4 months of off and on spots (nothing as bad as the "yeast" rash) ... we had an appt with a pediatric dermatologist to look at his birthmark and had her look at the rash while we were there.  She swabbed it and it ended up being staph infection. 

    Moral of the story... it never hurts to get it checked out.

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  • DS had a yeast diaper rash and I was reading that you can apply Monistat 7 cream with every diaper change. Anways it was 75% gone the next day and he was so much happier. But it cost $20 which sucked but whatever
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  • Using a cold wash cloth to wipe her booty (if you use wipes) helps too. I agree with PP let her air out through out the day :)
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  • One of the local pedi gave out a recipe for butt paste. I love it. I combine all the ingredients into a big plastic baggie, cut off the tip and use it to fill up the empty containers. It's one tube diaper rash cream (I use target brand and it's teal), one tube A & D, one tube triple antibiotic, one tube lotramin (or other anti fungal cream). It cleared up any and all rashes my LO had.

    Our pedi recommended using lotramin alone.

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  • If it doesn't clear I would have it checked.  DD had a rash and it turned out to be HFM and that was just where her rash started.  A few days later she had spots on her mouth and feet.
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  • My mom faIl was when dd had a rash that progressively got worse over like a week. I asked one of the teachers at daycare if they had any other solutions.  She looked at it and said it was a yeast infection.   Yikes.  Just actually had my first yeast infection a month ago and if that's how dd felt omg.  I would take lo If it is not getting any better. 
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