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XP: Choroid Plexus Cyst: T&Ps or Experience Welcome

I found out today that our baby has a choroid plexus cyst on her brain. The Dr. did not seem worried, although he did see it at the 18 week ultrasound and didn't tell us. He is a very respected Dr. in our community, and I'm trying to believe that he just didn't want us to worry. She also had a slightly enlarged ventricle at that time (higher side of normal), but it has since returned to well within normal size.

I am trying to stay off of google and convince myself that she doesn't have clenched fists, since he didn't say anything about that. But in all of her pictures, it looks like her hands are closed.

He said that he will look again once I get past 30 weeks, but that seems really, really, far away.

Anyone with experience with this that can reassure me?

ETA: We did do an NT scan, and our results were 1 in over 10,000 for Downs, Trisomy 18 and 21

ETA2: Even if you don't have experience, T&Ps are appreciated.

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Re: XP: Choroid Plexus Cyst: T&Ps or Experience Welcome

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    my coworker and I were  actually just talking about this this morning. her dd, now 2, had that kind of cyst. she grew out of it and everything was fine. I hope its no big deal for you either!

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  • ds2 had 3 at the 20 week ultrasound, my docto told me not to stress about it as it is common. most will go away by the 27th week of pregnancy. 

    I had a repeat ulteasond at28 weeks and all three were gone 

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  • We also found choroid plexus cyst at my 20wk ultrasound. I was TOTALLY freaked out when the dr told us. She told us it is pretty common and its about a 1% chance that anything is actually wrong w the baby. and the ultrasound tech said she sees that in about half. Even after the reassuring news i was still worried. I had a visit w my obgyn that week and i talked to her about it. She said its very common and they dont even usually do a follow up to see if the baby grew out of the cyst. Plus everything else on my ultrasound was perfect. But i was still worried so i had an additional blood test done and everything was fine. I know its hard not to worry but its not worth it to stress!
  • My LO had a choroid plexus cyst at our 19 week a/s. Everything else looked fine, so the doctor said the chances were less than 1% of it being indicative of a problem. 

    We decided not to do any testing (we didn't do the NT scan to begin with).

    We had a follow up u/s on Monday (28.5 weeks) and the cyst had resolved itself. Apparently they are very common and usually resolve themselves, and in our case that was true.

    T&P that your situation is similar to ours.  


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    Thanks, ladies. I keep seeing everyone saying the same thing. Without any other signs, everything has been fine. That's what the Dr. said, too. So, today I'm trying not to freak out.

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  • My now healthy 5 year old had it on his ultrasound, and it cleared up. I know it sounds scary, but it is a lot more common than you think. Also, my NP seemed to not be forthcoming and hide it from me too. They made it sound like a harmless little bump, and then I went home and googled! I think Dr's try to hide or smooth it over at times, not to worry us. I will pray for a clear ultrasound for you!
  • im 17 weeks and I found out my baby has choroid plexus cyst too. im scheduled for another ultrasound in two weeks 
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