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whole milk after 2?

I guess I forgot to ask about it at his 2 year appointment, and the pedi didn't bring it up, but now I am wondering if I should switch DS off of whole milk.  He drinks less than 16 oz a day, but gets a lot of his dairy from cheese and yogurt.  He was a preemie and has been consistently in the 10-15% for length and weight.  Any other mom's of teeny LOs - what kind of milk are they drinking?  What was your pedi's advice?
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Re: whole milk after 2?

  • DS basically drinks whatever we have around. He drinks 1% at home usually and whole at daycare (though he is switching daycares soon and will be drinking 2% then). Pedi basically told us he can have whatever we are having, even if it's skim. He has been between the 10th-20th percentile most of his life, but is growing along his curve. He gets plenty of good fats from other things, so I'm not too concerned even when he gets primarily skim (DH and I sometimes get skim, sometimes 1%).
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  • I don't have a teeny one, he's three and 42lbs, but our pediatricians where I worked routinely recommend that you can switch at 2 if you want. We did go to 2% and only recently switched to 1% since I was on Weight Watchers for a while before getting PG.
  • Lowfat or skim is fine after 2, recommended in fact for most kids. It doesn't sound like you're concerned about his weight in a big way, though, and he isn't drinking ridiculous amounts of milk, so I don't think you need to push it either way just yet. My daughter barely drinks milk at ALL- there are plenty of days she doesn't get a drop (she's fine with yogurt, cheese and other dairy, though). So, we just stopped buying whole for her (we buy skim for the rest of the family) just before she turned 2.
  • We went to 2% first, but now he's on 1%. As others said, when he turned 2, they said he could drink wha we drink. 
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  • My kids still drink whole milk, but they don't have it that often.  They get most of their dairy from other foods.
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  • We went to 1% after 2, but my boys are in the 50%+ percentile.  They don't actually drink a lot of milk... get most of their calories from foods so I don't worry too much about it.  What does your pedi say?  


  • our dr said any milk is fine now.  my daughter is 10% in weight too but the dr actually said lower fat milk may give her more room to eat more food vs. keeping her on whole
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  • My DD is pretty small, but she eats a lot and doesn't drink that much milk. I will probably switch her to 1.5% after she turns 2 next month so that I don't have to buy 2 different kinds of milk.
  • We switched at 2 yrs, she's now on 1% milk.
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  • My pedi said to switch to 2% for the next few years since they still need the fat for brain development.
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  • We've been using 2% but I'm considering going to 2%. DS loves his milk!! I'd really love to buy skim but DH won't drink that, and I'm not buying all different kinds. Lol
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  • My son is very small.  He's in the 3rd percentile for height & the 5th for weight.  However, his BMI is perfectly fine (he's actually in the upper end of normal range) so she said we could switch him to whatever milk we want.  I left him on whole milk until this week when he moved up a room at daycare.  His new room drinks 2% instead of whole, so we switched him to 2% at home as well.  He's a picky little guy and I was worried he would refuse milk either at home or daycare if it didn't taste like the other milk.  However, he doesn't seem to mind the switch at all.

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  • Our pediatrician said we were welcome to transition to 2%, but that for DD at this point, she can also stay on whole milk unless/until she starts to seem chubby.  They no longer need the fat at 2, so we will probably transition to 2% at some point soon.  And her weight was in the 40th. 
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  • We give the kids whole milk and I drink whole milk as an adult.

    I prefer to give my children things in their natural state and not anything that's been altered when possible. Also, the fat in milk aids in the absorption of the nutrients in milk, so taking away the fat does milk a great disservice.

    I would stick with whole, personally.

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  • I am also a mom of a preemie who is in 10-15% for weight.  My doctor said the same thing- any milk is fine after 2 so whatever you have in house.  I decided to keep him primarily on whole milk though.  Sometimes I buy 2% if I think I am going to eat cereal that week. 
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    DS was a preemie and less than 1% for weight at birth. He's always hovered around 10% since about one year. Our old pedi said since he was a scrawny little squirt that whole would be fine indefinitely. But our new pedi was appalled he was drinking whole at two. So now he drinks 1% like us. He's still holding strong at 10%.  

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    We do 2% for him, I drink skim. I want him to have SOME fat. But he drinks a LOT of milk a day, so we do 2%. When he turns 3 I will switch him to 1 % and he will stay on that until he wants to change to skim, if ever.
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  • The doctor said to switched to lowfat or skim milk. We switched her to 2% because I like the idea of her getting a little fat (for brain development), and I don't think she'd drink skim (the doctor said they usually don't like skim). She is a peanut (5% for height and weight), but we aren't concerned because MH was/is small, so that's just how she's made and giving her more calories will just make her overweight.
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