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Baby in own room or yours?

the safety class we took made me nervous saying they recommend we keep the baby in our room for 2-4 months.  is that as nuts as it sounds?  she's been home almost 7 weeks and i kind of want to keep her in our room but i know i'd probably get more sleep if she was in her room.  or i might just not sleep at all worrying that she's scared or lonely!  are your babies in their own rooms or in your rooms, and for those who've transitioned to their own rooms did they do okay or did they freak out being in a new place?  ours was in the NICU for 2 months and moved around so i'm hoping that will help her be more used to it but she's never slept in her crib so i don't know what to expect.
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Re: Baby in own room or yours?

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    Ours is still our room. I go back and forth with it. I think I would get more sleep if she was in another room because I wake up at every noise she makes but on the other hand I'm so paranoid that I would probably just end up getting up and checking on her more. 

    The first problem we would have to tackle first is getting her transitioned from the rock n play to her crib!  

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  • DD has slept in her crib in her room since the first day we were home. I was nervous about it because we roomed-in at the hospital and had her right next to me. But she had no trouble sleeping in her crib, but she'll sleep anywhere.
  • We spent the first few weeks just trying to get her to sleep anywhere! We tried the crib in her room, in bed with us, RnP, and for a while she would only sleep on my chest. Right now we've gotten her to sleep for a couple of hours in the RnP next to us and then I usually BF her in the side lying position and we both kinda drift off and she ends up sleeping in our bed. I say do whatever makes you comfortable and gets you the most sleep! If DD would sleep in her crib, she'd probably be there. You just have to do whatever is best for your family :)
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    We just moved from the rock n play and sleeping downstairs to upstairs in our bedroom with the pack n play. It has been a week and so far so good. I am nervous about the move to the crib In her room. She has slept so much better in the pnp she went from up every 2 hrs to sleeping from 1 am to 6 am!
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  • LO will be in our room until about 3 months.  I plan to start having her take naps in her own room a few weeks before that so she gets used to being in there.

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  • Maddie is still in our room and will be 6 weeks on Thursday. I was just debating when to put her in her own room. She is doing a 6 hour stretch, but wakes to eat around 4 am, which we do laying in bed and I can just grab her from her bassinet. I'm thinking I will keep her in with us until she's going longer than the six hours or outgrows the bassinet.
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  • Its a SIDS precaution. Babies who sleep share are far less likely to become SIDS babies. The peak for SIDS is 2-4 months, with most deaths occurring between 3-4mos. Studies have shown when baby is near mom, their breathing synchs. Mom is also more likely to stir when baby has an apnea event.

  • DD is 2 weeks old & has slept in her crib for only one night so far. Got the ok to use stairs at 1 week pp after c/s. Otherwise she sleeps in her pnp. She would have slept in her crib last night but I had a late nap & knew I'd be up & wanted to let DH get some good sleep. Don't know yet how this night is gonna go.
  • DD sleeps in a cosleeper in our room.  I don't know when we'll move her to the crib... I don't feel comfortable yet and like pp said I'd probably up checking on her constantly.
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  • DD1 slept in the PNP in our room for 9 months. That's mostly because we just have two bedrooms in our house and they're on different floors. We'll keep DD2 in our room until she's sleeping well enough that she won't disturb DD1 since they'll be sharing a room. 
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  • This kid is going to hit the 15 lb weight limit on the pnp bassinet in a couple more weeks. I'm not so sure about putting him down in the main part. He's only 3 weeks though, and I'd like to keep him in our room  at least til he's six weeks. Our first was in our room for a year (in her crib) because our other room was two floors down and it took that long for her to STTN. 
  • Mine will be in my room for at least until she is sleeping 6 or more hours at night.  Right now she wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat, and it would be much harder if I had to get out of bed for the early am feed. (I do get up for the first one to change her etc).  She's in a RNP right next to our bed.
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  • Connor usually starts off in his bassinet in our room and then ends up on my chest for part of the night, the back I his bassinet.  He is still waking up every 2-3hours to eat and has a hard time falling asleep after us 3am feeding... I have no idea when we will transition him...
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  • She sleeps in a cosleeper right next to our bed. I like being able to lean over and check on her and go right back to sleep. It also makes breastfeeding and putting her back to sleep much easier.
  • DD sleeps in our room in a bassinet... when she is too old for that (3 months) we will probably move her crib into our room for a little while, which will at least get her used to the crib.  I'm too nervous to have her sleep in her room yet, but also, I find it easier having her next to me for breastfeeding.  I think she will probably be in our room until she is 6 months old... that's the recommended time frame by public health in our province, and that's how long I am planning to EBF.

    @ FyreFlyrush... I didn't realize that the risk for SIDS increased at 2-4 months!  Scary!


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  • We moved DS to his room just before 4 weeks. (way earlier than I had planned) Best decision for us. He sleeps better and we sleep better. We have an angel care monitor though that senses breathing and movement which definitely gives a little extra sense of peace that he is in his own room. I bring him into my room usually after his 6am feeding and he sleeps on my chest for an hour or two. I cried the first night we moved him but it just worked better.  And now I'm so glad we did it!

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  • We sleep all over the place. Sometimes it's in his crib in his room, sometimes in the bassinet in our room, sometimes in bed with me, sometimes in the living room in the swing while I sleep on the couch! Pretty much anywhere he stays asleep works for me. I have heard that having baby in the room with you decreases SIDS, but it is tough because my husband works and baby is noisy at night. My pediatrician recommends baby in his own crib in his own room however. Everyone seems to have different ideas about what is safest, so I just do what works for now.
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  • DD sleeps in our room. Actually, she sleeps best in our bed (and we've tried a few different set ups - bassinet, stroller, RnP... I'm not at all against co-sleeping, but I'm so nervous about any bedding touching her face that I sleep in one tiny spot, with my pillow all tucked up and far away from her. It's not very comfortable, but at least I can get in 2-3 hours that way, rather than maybe 1.5... 
    Also, I'm so groggy when I wake up to feed her, that I can't imagine having to make my way all the way to another room and back just for feedings. So much easier to set her down and curl right back in bed when she's finished. 

    When we move in a few weeks, we'll set up the crib as an extension of our bed (so we'll take off the railing, and stuff the crack between the bed and crib). That way I'll have a little more room, and DD can feel like she's co-sleeping (+ hopefully also getting used to the crib). We'll see how that goes!

    I think that we might keep her in our room until about 6 months (although I'd like to think that she'll be fully crib-transitioned by then) - she sleeps just fine through noise and light, so her being in our room doesn't interfere with anything. 

  • Want to know how long DD was in our room??? ONE NIGHT.

    I couldn't handle all the little noises and squeaks. I literally did not sleep... I get the whole in the room for easy access but I do not mind the 10 foot walk down the hallway. 

    Baby doesn't know what room they are in. I am good at getting up on the first stir before DD starts to cry out of hunger. 


  • Even though he sleeps loudly, I would sleep even less if he was in another room because I would worry too much. I love looking over and seeing him there. I plan to keep him in the room with us for at least 6 months. Ds1 was in our room for 1.5y and DS2 for about 6m. I guess it just depends on when he starts sleeping better. I plan to nurse until he is a year. As it is, I get out of bed and we go to the living room during night feeds. He eats better and it is easier to change him on the floor plus it allows my DH to sleep. It doesn't do any of us good, if we are both sleep deprived.



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  • Ours is still in our room but only because we need the extra room as a spare room for all the visitors we're having! Otherwise, she would have been in her own room from day 1.  She's a LOUD and grunty sleeper and she's keeping me up at night!
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  • DD sleeps in our room in a bassinet. I am BFing as well, so it's easiest right now. Last night was the first night she STTN, so I'd like to get on a more consistent schedule with that before we move her. We have been trying to use the crib for naps during the day to ease the transition, but she never sleeps there very long. Our pedi recommended trying to begin the transition at 1 month.
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  • DS has been in his crib in his room since day one but mainly because DD likes to come crawl in the bed with us in the mornings to watch cartoons and we didn't want her waking DS up in the mornings.  He's been fine in there and we sleep better. However, we do have an Angel care monitor also.

    When DD was born though we had her in the pnp in our room for 2 1/2 months when she was born but transitioned to the crib just fine.  We kept her bedtime routine the same and just put her in a different bed. 

  • image k8edgerton:

    Want to know how long DD was in our room??? ONE NIGHT.

    I couldn't handle all the little noises and squeaks. I literally did not sleep... I get the whole in the room for easy access but I do not mind the 10 foot walk down the hallway. 

    Baby doesn't know what room they are in. I am good at getting up on the first stir before DD starts to cry out of hunger. 



    Ditto, but it took us 2 weeks to put him in his own room. He is SO loud of a sleeper. He's in the room next to us, and we hear him quickly.


    I do worry about SIDS but we take all of the other precautions. There is only so much you can do! 


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