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Eating all the time

I feel like DS is going to eat us out of our house.  He eats all the time now since we took the bottle away, which is a good.  I'm right there with him sometimes and instead of DH's belly growing its DS's.
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Re: Eating all the time

  • I wish we had this problem. DD is a terrible eater. Well, I take that back. Sometimes she eats nothing, other times she eats more than me. So I guess she is just so-so. GL!
  • I feel you. My son says 'eat, eat?' when he's hungry and I feel like I hear it all day! He'll eat his dinner, parts of my plate AND reach for daddy's. Then he'll down an  entire sippy of milk and an hour later want a scares me! He's not chunky at all, as a matter of fact, for most of his infant stage, he was underweight and still is, though he's closer to where he should be idk where he puts it!!! I know he's not starving so for the most part, I just tell him No, especially if I've just watched him eat an entire meal and I know he's eaten good all day..
  • he drinks 4-6oz of milk after he eats his meal and he gets 1 4oz diluted cup of juice with a snack and then he gets water if hes thirsty, has another snack, or before bedtime.


    J has always been right on track in his percentiles and hasn't really wanted to eat before but its like since we took the bottle away at night he's been eating so I'm hoping that is the only thing that has to do with it...  My mom freaked me out a little bc she said that maybe he's diabetic or something bc my brother did the same thing...  Ugh mother's  

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  • Looking at your ticker, is he almost 2 and you just took away the bottle? I am not sure, but my son just turned 1 and we took it away and he is hungry all the time it seems. He is drinking plenty of milk and yet the pedi said to feed him every 3 hours. I don't know how that would apply to an almost 2 year old though. I would assume if he is super active it is normal!





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  • Yes he almost 2 and he was still drinking himself to sleep.  Flame away, I'm not the only one in my age group.


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