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Ok DS was born Friday, and I am determined to BF. Last night, being the first night home I was antisapating a difficult night. It was hell broke down really hard from frustration and exhaustion. If I had put him down he started to whal and when I tried to feed him he started to whal. I ended up giving in and gave him some formula just to get some peace. I noticed in the hospital and latnight that his stomach was gurgling and he was very gassy. Today I had a few feeding but wasn't very long and he is sleeping most of the time. You would think I would remember the first go around but I really don't. I know that it isn't supposes to be easy but I just wish it could be. 

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Re: Vent and advice

  • BF'ing is very hard, definitely not easy.  I had a lot of moments where I thought about giving up but am still sticking with it.  It gets so much easier after the first couple weeks though.  I have supplemented occasionally with formula when I had a cranky baby and was unsure if he was getting enough milk from me sometimes after I had tried other things to calm him.  It's hard to not doubt yourself. 
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  • Has your milk come in yet? I remember having a really hard first night home with my son. He was screaming, fussy, hungry, and seemed very frustrated with my breasts. Meanwhile, I was terrified that he was dehydrated because he hadn't had a wet diaper all day.

    My milk came in the next afternoon and things got easier after that. Hang in there! 

    I also had the issue of him not feeding for very long the first few weeks.  I was afraid that he wasn't eating enough, but it turned out that he must have been eating much more that I had thought since he was gaining weight. If you're worried, a lot of hospitals have baby scales that the public and use. Take him in and weigh him before he nurses and then weigh him right after so you can see how much he took him.

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