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Contractions...need advice

This is my first go around with labor. DD was a two day failed induction with pre-e that ended in a c-section. I've been having very mild contractions (maybe BH) fairly steadily for about 6 or 7 hours. They are sometimes as close as 3-4 minutes apart, but didn't really seem to be getting much stronger. They kept up through changing positions, but didn't really hurt all that much. Now I'm starting to wince just a little from the twinges, but not anything I need to "work through". At my 38 week appointment Tuesday I was not dilated at all but was "soft." Our hospital is over an hour away and we'd either have to have my mom drive an hour here to watch DD or take her with us and drop her off with my sister in the town where our hospital is. What do you guys think? Go to sleep and see if they keep/wake me up? Even if I get some sleep, wait until I can't talk through them?

Re: Contractions...need advice

  • If you were a FTM I'd for sure say go back to sleep and give it some more time.  But you're on the ride a second time, things could move much more quickly, IDK.

    I'd call the hospital and talk to a nurse directly.  You've probably got plenty of time but with the hospital an hour away (yikes!) I'd err on the side of caution.

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  • I'd say call your doctor, explain your situation about DD, and see what he/she says. Given that they seem pretty regular and this is your second baby things can go a lot quicker. Having a baby in the car wouldn't be much fun.
  • If you can talk through them and walk through the contractions I would stay at home.  If they get so intense and are coming every 5 mins, lasting a minute, and for an hour then I would go to the hospital. 
  • Sounds like early labor and who knows how long that can last. I agree with PPs who said to call your doc and see what he/she wants you to do. GL!
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  • Thanks ladies. Pretty much as soon as I posted they spaced out! So I went to bed, and they either stopped or weren't strong enough to bother me. I'm just confused by this because these don't seem like what I would think of as BH. Maybe they are?? But this has been going on every night for about a week. Last night was the longest, though. It has been lasting only about 2 hours. It really seems like I'm one of the "lucky" ones who get to have Prodromal labor for days. Sigh.
  • im quite young being 15 and being a mom already, but  i would suggest you to just go in to the ER.. i had a similar case tuesday started at around 7 p.m but i could still talk and walk through them.. at around 11 p.m as we were getting ready to sleep they started again we timed them and they were from 8-11 mins apart. at around 1 a.m on wednesday i finally told my mom to take me in so she did. At the hospital they were monitoring them and they were 5-8 mins apart 0cm dilated :/  at around 8a.m when the nurse checked me again i was 5cm dilated she said she'd call the doctor and let him know. doctor came in at around 11 broke my water and my contractions got 2-3 mins apart. i only got pain medicine which made me feel funny but my baby was born at 6:49p.m((:

    good luck, wish you the best 

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