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Anyone not have anything close to a STTN kiddo?

How long is your "longest" stretch at night? 

I am so jealous of all you mamas that are getting at least 5 hr stretches at night!

My LO is up at least every 2 hours at night to feed and he just started cat napping (3-4 30min naps) throughout the day instead of his usual 3-2hr naps.

My LO also had reflux so after each feeding (including the night ones) he needs to be held in an upright position for 20 min before I put him down,

Needless to say...I am so exhausted. I wish that I lived near family, or friends for that matter! 

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Re: Anyone not have anything close to a STTN kiddo?

  • You are not alone! I think LO is going through a growth spurt, so all attempts at getting her on a schedule the last week have gone out the window. Today, I've been attempting to get her back on a Babywise/E.A.S.Y. schedule, but she's definitely feeding every 1.5 hours.

    The longest stretch we've gotten at night was 5.5 hours, but was a result of supplementing with formula, which made me feel bad. Usually, she wakes up every 2 hours or so. My pedi said they will start STTN when they hit 11-13lbs. She gained 1.5lbs in the last 2 weeks, so I'm holding out hope that it will be sooner than later!

    We are trying this new type of swaddling tonight to see if it helps--she CAN'T STAND regular swaddling because she wants her hands! 

  • *raises hand*

    There is not even a light at the end of the STTN tunnel in this house. DD sleeps 2 1/2 hours IF I am lucky. Sometimes she even decides to take 2 hours to go back down. And she is also doing the cat napping during the day. I did get 2 hours out of her this morning with my very first try at sleeping her in her crib for a nap. My neighbor told me the same thing that PP pedi told them....once her LO got to 12 pounds he started sleeping SO MUCH BETTER! DD has not seen the pedi since her 2 wk appt. We have an appt on the 26th so I will know then what she weighs in at.

    I can only dream about 4/5 hours of straight sleep. I would feel like a new person if I got that much sleep.  

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  • This lo is doing well a 5 hour stretch then two hour stretches. BUT my 19 month old was up every two hours until he was nine months old and didn't nap unless in his stroller or carseat moving.  He was still getting up at least once a nights most times twice at 13 months. It was very tireing but we made it though. Not all babies sleep well I'm sorry to say.
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  • Babies this young are not *supposed* to STTN.  My LO usually sleeps from 8-9ish to 1 am, but that's the longest stretch I get.  She's up again at 4 am, then again at 6ish.  To be honest, I don't mind so much.
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  • image BelleIsa:
    Babies this young are not *supposed* to STTN.  My LO usually sleeps from 8-9ish to 1 am, but that's the longest stretch I get.  She's up again at 4 am, then again at 6ish.  To be honest, I don't mind so much.

    Thank you! I get 3 hours max but he's only 3 weeks old. My first slept through the night at 13 months and I survived a year on 3.5-4 hour stretches of sleep. It's not to say I'm not hoping this guy is a better sleeper but I'm prepared. A bonus to not STTN early: you're not annoyed a few months later when they stop!

  • I feel your pain.  We usually get two stretches of about 2-3 hours after she wears herself with her colic/screaming until 1 or 2 a.m.  She only takes long naps of about an hour or 90 minutes during the day if I'm wearing her in a sling, which is killing my back.  Otherwise she'll wake up after 20 minutes or so.  I'm so looking forward to when she can sleep for longer stretches at night.  We also are doing this without the benefit of family nearby. 

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  • no way! DS #1 started SSTN consistently at around 9 months after doing CIO and I think weight does make a big difference.  DS #1 was 13-14 lbs at around 6-8 months.  He was no where close to STTN before 6-8 months. 

    DS#2 is going the same rate weight wise so I think he won't STTN for a long time.  It makes me a little sad but I know he will eventually STTN.  I would kill for a long stretch of sleep at night but I know that it won't happen until way later in their little short lives.  

  • Sometimes I'll get a 3 hour period but mostly we are working on every 2 hours.  We tried having DH give a bottle last night but I was up the entire time anyway so its back to just me!
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  • Some babies sleep good and some don't and generally it has nothing to do with the parents.  My LO was sleeping pretty good the first week of life and had absolutely nothing to do with us, just luck I guess.

    Have you tried having him sleep in a rock-n-play at night so he can lay in an elevated position to help with reflux? Lots of people here say that saved their sanity.  Also try swaddling, with arms in and with arms out, if you haven't already.

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  • We have a really big nap at 7:00pm, and then we're up from 9:00-11:00. Then it's asleep from 11:00ish to 1-2am. Awake for about 30 minutes, then out until 4:30-5;00, and up for play time until 7-7:30ish. Then he doses off and on all day. We have two major awake periods of 2-3 hours each, with scattered 30min-1hr throughout the day. He JUST started not playing at night. He wakes to eat and goes right back to sleep.

    Majority of babies do not STTN before 9mos. Even at 6mos, most are wanting 1-2feedings. BF will ALWAYS wake more often than FF babies. 


  • I agree. It's very uncommon for a baby to STTN at this age. There are a few lucky ones. My DD slept 5.5 hours last night. I couldn't believe it. She is normally up every 2-2.5. My DS didn't sleep 7 hours until he was 8 months. He didn't STTN the night consistenly until he was almost three. Even now he is not a great sleeper. We are up at least once a night with him a few times a week. Of course he was up three times last night while my DD was sleeping her 5.5 hours!!!!

    I will also confess that we finally tried letting LO sleep on her stomach for a while when she is right next to us. It made a huge difference with her gas and spitting up. She slept so much better. :-/

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  • Thank you for this post, good to know I'm not alone. A good night is if my son sleeps for 3 hours straight... but it is rare!
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  • Until recently, my LO was waking every 2 hrs.  Now it's every 3 hrs and an occasional 4 hr stretch.  Typically the 4 hr stretch is the first one, from 9pm-1am.  Too bad I am too dumb to actually go to sleep at 9pm, duh!  I am hoping soon all his stretches will be 4 hr ones.  That would be heaven for going back to work.
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  • Wonderful to read all these posts ladies! 

    I knew I wouldn't be alone, I've read so many posts of other mommies with LO under 4 months with babies who are STTN (5hr stretches or longer). I was beginning to think that I needed to be doing something different.

    Happy sleep to you all, even if it is just 1.5-2 hr stretches! 

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  • My LO tends to sleep 3 hrs for the first stretch then 2 hr stretches from there on out.  He tries to cat nap during the day...I've found that swaddling him helps as well as a some white noise or vacuum sounds from Youtube (a great tip from a friend).  Good luck!

  • 3 hrs at a time on a good night.  A couple of times we got close to 4 which was like a miracle.  Usually the long stretches are when I can't sleep.  Figures!  I doubt we are going to be STTN anytime soon.  I mean the odds that they both will sleep a long stretch is very small. 
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  • image Pdxmom73:

    I can only dream about 4/5 hours of straight sleep. I would feel like a new person if I got that much sleep.  

    Funny how lack of sleep amplifies the hormones/baby blues by like 100x! Not fair... 

  • mine was a preemie so is 3 mos old but developmentally, been home about 7 weeks now.  it seems like 1 step forward, 2 steps back - a few nights in a row she had 4.5-hr stretches between feedings then goes back to 3 or even 2 in the early morning.  i really thought we'd be closer by now.  last nite i slept 2 hours, then like 40 min at a time a few times and that was it.  i'm starting to lose my mind, i work from home but i think i'm going to take more time off cuz it's too much.  she also has reflux and started on zantac about 2 weeks ago.  it seemed to help at first (leading to the 4.5-hr stretches) so hopefully it will work it out.  her reflux does seem a bit better so you might want to ask your doctor.  today she consistently had a few larger meals (80 ml) so i'm hoping maybe she's just been in a growth spurt and it will lead to her being able to sleep longer??? 
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  • if you don't have a sleep sack, get one - we swaddle my daughter in it with her hands out and she definitely sleeps better than without it.
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  • i hear ya, mine only ever does the longest stretch around 8:30pm and i know i should go right to bed as soon as she eats but no matter how tired i am, i just can't go to bed that early!
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  • The best we get is 4 hours between feedings, so about 3.5 hrs of sleep. That's typically his first stretch at night. The rest of the feedings at night are around 3 hours apart, sometimes 3.5 hours. My husband has started taking the midnightish feeding with expressed milk which is allowing me to get about 5 hours of sleep from 10pm-3am.

    We're starting the 6 wk growth spurt this week, so last night was feeding every 2.5 hours. Hoping that after this growth spurt, longer sleep at night starts. I return to work the first week of July, so really hoping for better nights. On the other hand, DH will be taking his paternity leave then, so he can handle as many night time feedings as I can express. Alternatively, he can handle everything but the feeding portion at night. Since feeding typically only takes 15 minutes, I'm not awake very long and I can get back to sleep quickly. 

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