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Seperation Anxiety?

Anyone elses ds/dd going through seperation anxiety? Does anyone know if this is typical at this age? I'm assuming that's what this is...

My ds typically goes down for naps really well. I turn his fan on, give him blankie and he rolls over and is usually out in a few minutes with minimal fuss. The past few days when I lay him down he looks up at me like where are you going! and starts screaming bloody murder. This happens at playtime too. I'll lay him on his mat, and if I try to sneak away for a minute and he sees me - that's the end of it! But If i sit right beside him he's fine. I'm just not used to my typical easy going baby being so anxious. I was just curious if anyone else is going through this...

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Re: Seperation Anxiety?

  • Ms5586Ms5586 member

    Yep, it starts this early.  They have that sense of "permanence" where they know something is there even if they can't see it (think, toy under a blanket).  So when you walk away, they know you are still there somewhere, and screaming is the best way they know to get you to come running.

    As far as walking away during awake time, I usually sing and talk while I'm out of sight, so he knows I'm still paying attention to him.  You can play peek-a-boo around the corner too. 

    For naps, I let him cry/fuss for a while (he usually stops after one or two minutes).  If you're not comfortable with that, maybe sit beside the crib with your head down on your knees, so he knows you are there, but you're not interacting with him?

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  • With DD it started around 11 months (she's now 3). With DS, it hasn't started yet, thank god. He's 7 months today. It rips my heart out when it does happen:(

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  • This is the beginning. I can sympathize.  Didn't help that DH went out of town around the time it began for us.  After he came back he would freak out if one of us left the room.
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  • My lo is the same. If anyone else even holds her, she will scream. The min I pick her up she stops and is smiley. Even if I'm in the other room and she can see me she will squawk. Lately Its even in her stroller!!! She screams till I take her out, I think I will use the ergo more. It's so annoying

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