Posterior Tongue Tie & Craniosacral Therapy

We have had one breastfeeding issue after another and the most recent LC we saw thinks there might be a posterior tongue tie.  Our DD does quite a few things with her tongue that make us think that, but every once awhile she will do something more "normal" which has us confused.

I was told we would have a hard time finding someone to clip a posterior tongue tie.  If we leave it how will that affect speech development and eating?

Our LO is also very tight.  She will not keep a wide latch and had a red ring around her mouth when she is done eating.  We are also dealing with her having a high palat.  My nipples are sore and she is struggling to suck the milk out herself.  The LC suggested looking into craniosacral therapy.    Has anyone done that and seen results?

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Re: Posterior Tongue Tie & Craniosacral Therapy

  • I went to a cranial sacral therapist after trying everything to make breastfeeding work for us!  I was very skeptical at first, but I must say I am a believer now!  My LO had a good latch but didn't suck well - he was pushing up instead of pulling back on the nipple or something?  I am still not even sure what this therapist did, but it really seemed to work.  I still have low supply issues (probably because things weren't going well for us for the first 7 weeks), but before the appointment he would nurse but not get much milk, and I would pump immediately after and there would be and ounce or 2 of milk.  After the appointment, he seems to get an ounce or two every time he nurses and when I pump immediately after I barely get anything which means he is better at removing the milk now - now I just need to produce more milk so I can stop supplementing with formula!

    Good luck to you!! 

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  • DH did his residency in peds and when he rotated in the NICU, he came home happy several times because he was able to get babies to latch through cranial manipulation. It's definitely worth looking into.
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  • I take my DD to cranial sacral therapy, though not for bf/latch issues.  But I did notice that she was starting to get a gag reflex around 10 weeks, and the cst really helped with that.  She never did take a paci, but it helped her to start taking a bottle just in time for me to go back to work. 

    Our therapist's practice is mostly kids, and 70% of her kids have tortocollis, or flat heads.  That can lead to a hyper-sensitive gag reflex.  She also sees kids with special needs, like my DD, and I have seen amazing things.  My DD didn't really hit a growth spurt until 8 weeks, literally the day after her first CST appointment.  We go every 4 weeks, and I can't say enough good things about what it's done for us.

    I found this woman, who does it out of her home, through my prenatal massage therapist.  If you want to go this route, I'd suggest finding someone who specializes in children therapy.  Get referrals from baby yoga classes or whole food/co-ops, or a midwife.  Because it's more holistic/osteopathic treatment, you're probably not going to find someone good through mainstream.

    Good luck!

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  • And if you happen to live in Minneapolis, I would hands-down recommend our therapist!
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  • I tried this last week with my LO and saw zero difference. I wish you better luck.
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