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Need new OB/GYN for first time mom in Dallas.

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I went to my first prenatal visit about 3 weeks ago. Since it was my first visit I was expecting to be learning a lot from my doctor. But from the moment I signed in, I sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes and I was 15 minutes early for my appointment. After I finally went to the back, they measured me and did the norm checks and stuff, then they sat me down in his office for a first time visit.
I am 17 years old. Yes, a teen mom. When the assistant came into the room and asked for my info, she seemed so shocked when I told her my age. Then she used the "mom talk" about how I should have used a condom and blah blah blah. Even my own mom who was there with me was giving her an attitude face. So finally after the assistant left the doctor finally came in. When we started talking, he did the same thing the assistant did only just a bit more uncomfortable. Even when he did the exams, it was clearly obvious that he was so uncomfortable (including his OTHER medical assistant). As soon as he was done, he hurried and walked out to his next appointment. That's it. He didn't give me a receipt, he did not even bother to tell me when the next time he would like to see me, he just left. And when I asked his medical assistant when is the next time he will see me, she just said "Oh, he'll call you in about 3 weeks". Way past 3 weeks. I do not recommend him to anyone. I was so upset when I left because I was treated like an outcast because I am a teen mom.
I would really like to switch doctors. Any suggestions???

He was a doctor working out of Baylor in Dallas. So please no suggestions for that hospital anymore

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Re: Need new OB/GYN for first time mom in Dallas.

  • My doctor was Dr. Haddock ... love love love her.  She is very easy going, puts you at ease, listens to your concerns (silly as they may be sometimes), and I never got the judgmental vibe from her.  


    http://magnolia-obgyn.com/doctor-haddock.html ;

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  • I am SO so sorry you had such a horrible experience at Baylor! My doctor is Dr. Romberg with Women's Health Alliance (possibly the same group you went to, but I LOVE her!) She is SO kind and thoughtful, and her nurse Heather is FANFREAKINGTASTIC! 

    I hope you find someone you're comfortable with and who won't treat you like you've been treated. :( Sending T&P's!  

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  • Dr. Tracy Hays is amazing -- she's also a Baylor doctor.  She's young and I recommended all my friends to her and they all love her!
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  • Don't rule out Baylor just because you had a horrible doctor who delivers there.  Baylor is the best place to have a baby! They really have so much to offer.  I am expecting my second and I got to Dr. Amy Marting.  She is amazing and not at all judgmental.  I wanted to have a C-section with my first and some other doctors had tried to talk me out of it, but she said it was my choice and we just went with it.  She really is wonderful.  However, just to warn you, her waiting room can take some time, but I think they all do.  Good luck and sorry that you were judged.  I am pregnant with my second and this one was definitely an oops.  My first wasn't even a year old when I found out i was pregnant.  So I understand not wanting to be judged. 
  • I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Cowart http://www.lakeviewobgyn.net/#!__pregnancy. My first pregnancy and delivery was so smooth. His staff and the Lakepointe staff were so kind and helpful.
  • Ditto the advice not to rule out an entire hospital because of one doctor.  I see Dr. Yolanda Lawson who delivers at Baylor.  She's amazing.  Spends a significant amount of time with each patient and I've never left her office with unanswered questions.
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  • Definitely do not rule out Baylor just because of one doctor, they are a great facility.. Two other people have already mentioned Dr. Hays and Dr. Martin. I see there other partner Dr. Carter and he is fantastic!!  It is the 3 of them in a practice together. I highly recommend their practice as I have many other friends who have used them as well!!  And baylor is a great hospital to deliver at!!




  • Another vote for Baylor! I only have one baby so it's not like I have much to compare it to, but I truly could not imagine having a better experience. Everyone there was absolutely amazing.

     I see Dr. Glen Heckman.  He is literally right across the street from Baylor. He's awesome.  I've also seen all the other doctors in the practice and they are wonderful as well.

    Good luck!

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  • so sorry for your horrible experience.  This is my first pregnancy as well and I just love my ob/gyn Dr Marci Olivieria she works out at St. Paul and Medical City Dallas. She is very attentive to your needs and is just awesome! I recommend her and hope who ever you decide on you will have a much better experience.  My 18 year old niece is also expecting and I would be furious if she was ever treated like you were. Good luck in finding the right doctor!
  • I used Dr. Woodbridge at Dallas Presby, she was amazing. She did play the mom card a little on me when I was 30ish weeks and gaining too much weight, but only out of concern for me and my daughter. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully a MUCH better experience in the future.
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