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Ribs/Diaphragm Pain; Help!

I am BEYOND miserable..

I have a spot just under my right breast that STINGS!.. The only thing I can equate it to is that feelings you have just after pulling duct tape off of bare skin.. sharp pins and needles.. and it has been feeling like this for at least a week or two now but for the last few hours the pain seems to have intensified. What the hell is this horrible pain? And how do I make it stop.. or at least tolerable?

And speaking of diaphragm pain, I am 38 weeks along as of yesterday, and I SWEAR he flipped. Not so long ago I could make out his little feet kicking at my lower rib cage. Now it feels like his entire HEAD is running along my diaphragm. Last Friday (06/08) he was head down and in launch position.. but on Sunday I think he flipped. Is this normal? How likely is it that he did in fact flip.. or am I just out of my mind? It is extremely uncomfortable and borderline painful. HELP. 

Re: Ribs/Diaphragm Pain; Help!

  • Does the spot under your rib feel better when you sit up all the way straight? I was experiencing that for a while and my doctor said something about it's where the nerve hits your ribs, or something like that. It's normal but painful. I found I could get it to go away if I sat up all the way straight or laid flat on my back, which might not be comfortable for you anymore. 

    I don't have any answers for your second question, sorry.  

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  • I have that too (same side) and certain bras make it so much worse!  I've had it for about 4 weeks now and  just put baby powder on every morning and deal with it.
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