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Exercise Ideas?

I have NEVER been an fan of exercise mostly due to the fact that I have (luckily) been blessed with high metabolism and have not had to work out to retain a petite figure. Now that I'm 24 weeks along I'm starting to feel the need to work my body a little to avoid gaining too much weight in this pregancy. Anybody have any ideas of activities I could do? I've tried a few...favorite so far is Just Dance (not sure if it counts but it sure makes me sweat!) and 10 Min Preganancy Pilates DVD.

Re: Exercise Ideas?

  • To be honest, you aren't going to prevent the weight gain by working out since you are pregnant.  Your best bet is to really watch what you eat, don't fill up on crap.  It's okay to have ice cream every now and then, just don't eat it all the time.  The rule of thumb is that if you were doing an activity before becoming pregnant it is okay to continue it, but you should avoid starting new routines if your body isn't used to it.

    However, walking is always a great option.

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