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just posted yesterday...already spotting ugh

Just posted my intro on here yesterday and woke up to cramping and spotting this morning.  My prog is 8.8 and i can't do anything until they rule out ectopic but no way to do that yet.   who knows whats going on but i know its not good.
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Re: just posted yesterday...already spotting ugh

  • Praying the spotting and cramped stopped! Sending you good vibes

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  • Oh no...I'm so sorry.  Praying that the bleeding and cramping stops and things get better.




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  • Oh no. I'm so sorry. :-( I hope this was just a scare and things start looking up.

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  • Praying for you.
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  • Prayers from me to you. I too started spotting today after work. Drink lots of water!!!! it really helps with the cramping honestly. Im talking about a 1.5 liter bottle or something every few hours. I noticed once i stopped drinking water and drank juice or nothing at all cramping got worse. Dont strain yourself. My spotting is gone now that i stopped worrying so much but cramping is very faint now. Hope everything goes well for you!!!
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