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Milk Allergy and Breastfeeding

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I just left my pediatrician's office and found out that my Lo has problems digesting my milk and that she therefore has a milk allergy. They told me that I am not allowed to have any dairy products and that there was some blood in her poop. However, you can't see this with a naked eye. Therefore, they tested her poop and it came back positive for blood. So, That is how they knew that she has an allergy to milk. I am a new mom and this is my first child so I don't know much about this. Any insight on what I can eat, can't eat, have any of you had this happen with your kids/newborns/etc? TIA.

Re: Milk Allergy and Breastfeeding

  • I don't think your dr. meant that she is allergic to your milk, she's allergic to the milk in your diet.  No dairy means milk, cheese, ice cream, cream, butter, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese. 
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  • I had this issue with DD#2 . I just switched her to nutramigen formula because cutting all dairy out of my diet was too hard and seem like it was not an option.
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    lots of moms on the food allergy board and breastfeeding board can help.

    if small amounts of blood in stool not noticeable by naked eye, start with removing dairy from your diet in all noticeable forms an evaluate.  cows milk protein piggybacks onto the breastmilk protein and is very difficult to digest.  if you have high breastmilk supply as well it can lead to a lactose overload that makes baby's digestive tract very upset. 

    sure you may need to remove all traces of milk including in baked goods and often soy can be at fault so you may need to remove that as well, but there are women on those other boards who can help you more.



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  • I started a dairy & soy free diet 2 weeks ago for my 7 week old. About 50% of all babies that have the dairy protein intolerance are soy intolerant, so you may want to cut soy out as well until you get the symptoms under control and then test soy. This includes hidden dairy and soy. Although, some don't have to worry about the hidden stuff, especially if it is cooked. It takes about 2 wks for the dairy proteins to get out of your system and then another 2 wks to get out of baby's system.So, it could take 4+ weeks to see marked improvement. I am new to this as well, but there are some MSPI veterans on the food allergy board. Check out the FAQs on the MSPI weekly check in archives...

    hidden dairy ingredient list

    hidden soy list

    Be aware that your prenatal likely contains is in everything! Good luck! 

  • I could have written this post exactly.  I went to the pedi yesterday and got the same results/news.  I am supplementing with formula for a couple bottles a day, so we changed formulas to a soy based one.  And then she told me to cut out major dairy products from my diet: milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.  I'm finding that cheese is going to be hard! I think in my case, the major problem was the formula.
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