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Growth Spurt? Gas? Colic? Help!

My DD has been pretty easy going until the past 2 days. She is a gassy baby and has trouble doing #2, but usually is eased with some exercise and some drops or karo syrup. Now suddenly she is constantly crying even when fed and dry and seems to be fighting sleep. She has also stopped finishing her bottle leaving between 1/2 and a full ounce, but after a few hours acts like she's starving (i.e. smacking her lips and sucking the paci like crazy). This coming from a little girl who has always finished her bottles and fell right to sleep. During this morning's nap she is constantly grumbling and wiggling all over her pack n play. I've heard of a 6 week growth spurt. Could this be it or are we blessed with colic?
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Re: Growth Spurt? Gas? Colic? Help!

  • Sounds like a bellyache to me. I would try the colic massage and some gas drops and see what happens.


    Also, reconsider giving her karo for's extremely painful. I tried this myself one day because it always worked so well for DD#1 and the cramps beforehand were so horrendous I almost passed out. It wasn't pleasant. Prune juice was, surprisingly, more effective and gentler.

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  • Ok so I'm not crazy. I thought she seemed to like the prune juice better and didn't seem to be as fussy. I will look up colic massage. THANKS!!!

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  • Sounds like it could be the 6 week growth spurt to me.
  • mpaynempayne

    While this could be a growth spurt or a colicy baby my 1 month old has been having the same signs as what you are describing. She used to sleep great, but last night woke up at 8:30 pm and never went to bed until 9:30 am when I was taking her to the pediatrician appt. She cried constantly and she would eat (but I don't know how much since I breastfeed) and would seem ok but then she would fuss non stop. Anyway, I am waiting to hear from my ped office b/c I don't remember the technical name but it is when the child has a milk allergy. I have to cut out all dairy from my diet, and this could be the same with your formula fed baby. I would call your pediatrician's office b/c they told me that would be blood in the poop but that you won't see it and that is true. My LO had a poopy diaper in the office and there wasn't any blood (that I could see) but when they tested it the result was positive for a milk allergy. I wish you the best but I suggest calling your pediatrician to be safe than sorry.

  • Thanks! I hope your LO gets back to happy asap!
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