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Hi Bumpies,

From now until 5pm EST on Friday, 6/15, we'll be giving away an Earth's Best canvas tote with diapers and baby wipes to FIVE lucky mamas or mamas-to-be.

For a chance to win, reply below with an answer to this question: Describe the first thing that went through your mind when you found out you were pregnant.

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Re: Earth's Best Giveaway for Free Diapers and Wipes!

  • I was more than thrilled! My hubby and i had, had a miscarriage in late august and it was the most devistating thing we have ever gone through, i can't think of a time i've been more depressed. Once i had a missed period i knew right away i was pregnant. (We found out late march) We were more than thrilled! Right away we started talking about names again and baby nursery themes just like we left off at the last time. It's like our dreams came true all over again :)
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  • As a BLM, my first thought this pregnancy viable?
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  • My very first thought was "we actually did it!" and it was accompanied by tears and eye strain as I kept staring at that faintest of faint pink lines!
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  • My husband and I were beyond thrilled to discover we were expecting our second child! After not happening as soon as it did with our daughter, it was devastating in the previous months. Our children will grow up together close in age and hopefully be best of friends, like I am with my brother and my husband is with his siblings!
  • the first thing that went through my mind when i found out i was pregnant was: that i was scared yet so excited and i went to tell my boyfriend who was in the next room right away..we both had smiles on our faces :)
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  • "WHAT????" Totally didn't think I would see two lines.

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  • My first thought was, "Is that a line?!?" and then "How fast can I get ready for work so I can stop by the store and pick up a digital pregnancy test on my way?"  After SO long of not seeing a positive test, it was hard to believe that this could be real!
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  • The first thing I did, was cry, because when I found out, me and my husband lived in two different countries. I lived in Germany, he lived in the US. He had just left to go back to the US, when I found out! The first thing I thought was: OMG, will I be able to go through this pregnancy by myself? Yup, I was strong enough. Amari was born 2 months before I got my visa and now we finally live together as a family since 8 months. Amari is 10 months now and the best thing that could ever happen to me!!
  • My very first thought was "how is this possible?" My next thought was "this child is meant to be!" Me and my Dh weren't actively trying or preventing and I had been charting to figure out my new after breastfeeding cycle so we could start trying in June. We only DTD once during my fertile period. And that was at the beginning which made conception unlikely. But here I am 20 weeks along and my one in a million baby is still growing big and strong inside.

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  • My first thought was "Holy crap!  DH is gonna freak out!"  (in a good way...........)

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    First thing that went through my mind was "oh holy crap is that second line??  So soon after the m/c???"  Then I went through all the normal emotions:  shock, fear, excitement, fear, happiness, fear. LOL  I eventually landed on excitement and I've stayed there ever sense.  With healthy doses of fear mixed in now and again. ;)


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  • It was our first month TTC, and I didn't expect anything to happen. It was a few days before my missed period, and I took a test first thing in the morning just for kicks. I peed on the stick, set the timer, and went to go finish getting ready. When I went back to read the test, and saw that it said "Pregnant", I just stood there with my mouth open, staring at it, for at least a minute. I was too shocked to even think! I immediately ran to go wake up DH. I told him I had taken a test, and I'm pregnant. He literally JUMPED out of bed and yelled "Already?!" and we both started laughing :)
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  • What!?  Ahhhhhh!  Then lots of smiles and tears :)
  • I looked at the Pregnancy test and started crying! My fiance held me bc I could not stop.. we were not trying to conceive we actually were on Birth Control. The first thing that went through my mind was this is impossible I'm on birth control, it's just a mistake!! I made a gyno appointment and she confirmed and I started crying again .. I wasn't crying bc I was sad but bc I was shocked, taken back and happy all at the same time! Then I thought "How do I tell my Mom?" lol.

  • Our first pregnancy ended in a loss and my first thought was do we get to keep this one?  My husband then handed me a tall jug of water and told me to drink because he wanted me to test again.  Five tests later, he finally believed I was pregnant!
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  • I thought, "Oh. My. God." And then I started bawling my eyes out in the hospital room when the doctor told us because I didn't think that we would actually have been able to conceive on our first try. She thought I was upset, when really I was just terrified and happy at the same time!
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  • I was terrified and extremely excited all at the same time. We didn't think we'd be able to have more and had settled on that. My daughter is 12, so teh thought of starting over was overwhelming, but the best type of overwhelming I could EVER imagine.

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  • "There's no turning back now!" it was the sudden realization that 9 months down the road, I would have to push a big baby out of my lady parts. And now, 7 weeks from my due date, I'm ready to roll with the punches. 
  • Finally!
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    Waiting on our second little peanut!
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    My first thought was "holy sH&#!"  We were on birth control and planning our wedding, so it was a huge surprise.  But then I just got this big grin on my face and thought..." I wasnt planning for you, but now that I have you I want you SO badly."
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  • The first thing that went through my mind was "Holy Cow!"  Neither my husband nor I believed we'd be able to get pregnant for health reasons and completely expected to need assistance if it were to ever happen.  The fact that it happened after only three cycles and right before Christmas was a complete surprise.  We were so shocked.
  • Complete and utter shock, and then fear of the unknown, followed by lots of tears!! I was testing only for the sake that my RE said to, to make sure so I could stop the progesterone. I was days away from starting BCP for IVF #2.  We had already been through one failed IVF, plus a m/c at 7.5 weeks last fall; having been so close to our dreams only to have it taken away has scarred me. I was in awe of this miracle, and completely fearful of whether or not this little one was going to stick around with me!
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  • The first thing that went through my mind was sheer terror!  We were not trying for this LO and the prospect of 2u2 was terrifying.  I'm still a little bit scared, but DH and I are now looking very forward to meeting our little blessing. 
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  • My first thought was, are there really two lines there? I was in disbelief and immediately ran into our bedroom and woke my husband up to tell him the exciting news. We couldn't believe that we had gotten so lucky to be blessed with a LO on the way.
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  • Oh no!  Our little baby was a pleasant surprise so I was shocked to say the least!
  • The first thing that went through my  mind when i found out i was pregnant was happiness and excitement!  I think i giggled all day, especially when my husband came home and i got to tell him.  we are 26 wks now and sooo looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family.  Big Smile

  • After the IF treatments and 2 boosters that cycle, my first thought was, "I bet this is a false positive".  I was hopeful but realistic.
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  • My husband and I were extremely thrilled that we had a BFP! We couldn't believe how quick we got pregnant since we were only trying for a month. My husband was so excited as soon as I came out of the bathroom and shared the news, he started calling our parents! I guess you could say the first thing that went through my mind was "We're going to have a baby!!!" :)

  • My first thought was a feeling of relief and excitement. We had been working with a RE, and although the Dr was great the whole process was mentally draining. I was so glad that something finally "took" and looked forward transitioning from my RE to an OB. 
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  • I was very excited! I was also crossing my fingers it would be a girl, and we just found out last week that it is!! Can't wait to watch lots of princess movies and play dress up :)
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