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Excessive spitting

My son is now 7 1/2 months old and he is constantly spitting up.  He has spit up since the very beginning but the doctor keeps telling me that he is going to outgrow it.  First she said at 4 months, then at 6 months and then when he started solids. Nothing has made him stop or even slow down for that matter. He was also put on Zantac because the doctor thought he might have reflux but after a month and a half of no change she took him off.  

I give him small bottles (4 oz) with rice cereal every 3 hours and baby food twice a day.  He is on Similac advanced now but I have tried other formulas as well.  I keep him still and on an incline for 30 minutes after every feeding.  On average, he spits up (large amounts) about 10 times per feeding.  Some of them are projectile and some are just gushes.  He is a good weight, doesn't seem unhappy and he is not fussy at all.  The doctor still says that he will out grow it.  

 I just feel like there might be something wrong because this does not seem normal and it has not gotten better.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Should I get a second opinion?  Any help would be great.  Thanks. 



Re: Excessive spitting

  • I think our LO has excessive spit up too.  He'll spit up at least 5 times after each feeding, but he won't spit up if I feed him and put him to bed which makes me think that being active makes him spit up.  I'm interested in seeing what others say...
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  • Our DD has reflux and spits up a lot. Our Pedi also says she will grow out of it first at 4 months, and now it's 6 months (Guessing I suppose) it has gotten better but we still can't go without bibs.
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  • Maybe you could ask the pediatrician for a gastroenterologist referral.  That was helpful in both diagnosing and treating my daughter's reflux and MSPI.  One of the things the pediatrician had us do was get a gastric emptying scan done.  That helped rule out some of the potential causes of the reflux and also made us certain that she wasn't aspirating it either. Best of luck!
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  • We have the same problem... we are trying all sorts of formulas right now... let me know what you find out! I feel bad, he's is a healthy weight as well, he doesn't cry or seem upset just have lots of bibs and changes of clothes! :/
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