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Dumb mistake -- drink your water!

I know we all "know" to stay hydrated, but I learned my lesson the hard way yesterday! It got up to almost 100* in Denver yesterday, and I got distracted and stopped slugging down water while we were at a BBQ last night with some friends I hadn't seen for a while. I started feeling funny, but I thought it was just sitting in a strange chair and eating too many cupcakes. Embarrassed My stomach really started hurting and cramping when we got in the car to drive the hour home. When I had my "duh" moment and realized it was because I had only had two glasses of lemonade in the past four hours, we were in the middle of a long stretch with no towns or even gas stations. When we finally found one, DH ran in and got me the biggest bottle of water he could find. I drank it in 15 minutes flat and then chugged down another glass once we got home. It was really painful -- if I hadn't read other people's posts about dehydration I definitely would have gone to the hospital. It took about an hour for the contractions to subside, but they finally did. We aren't leaving the house without bottled water for the rest of the summer!
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Re: Dumb mistake -- drink your water!

  • Yikes!  So glad you're ok!
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  • Glad everything is okay, I've been counting my glasses/bottles of water each day to try and help me keep on task with liquids...I even told DH to always ensure I have water in my hand.

    Henry Cavill...You're welcome!


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  • That's scary! I'm glad everything was okay- I'll admit that I slack sometimes, too. I have to make a conscious effort to drink water, because I never feel thirsty. I live in Denver, too- the heat + plain old dryness out here is killer!
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    I'm glad you are ok! That does sound scary! 
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  • wow omg glad youre ok.t I didnt realize how dangerous that was. I cant help but drink something with flavor so i sometimes forget  to drink water but at night i do need water and only water. I will carry my 1 liter bottle everywhere.
  • I'm so glad you're ok!  I sometimes have to remind myself of that fact too.  I know someone on this board had suggested the waterlogged app for your phone and I downloaded it.  I have to say that app really has helped keep me accountable for drinking water.  Whoever suggested it - thank you!
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    So glad you're ok! Thanks for the reminder, I just refilled my cup!! I'm in Denver too!!!! It sure was a hot one yesterday, nice break today though!
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  • Scary! I'm glad everything's ok. I slacked on my water the other day and felt like poop. Not doing that again. 
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  • Scary! I'm glad you're okay, though, and that you got to it before just drinking water wouldn't have helped.
  • Thanks so much ladies!! Stay healthy!
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