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Taking LO out and about

When did you start regular trips to the store, public places, etc...

I went to the outdoor mall yesterday because I needed some pants but that is basically it except for walks in the neighborhood and to visit grandma's house.

Also, my aunt's big 50th surprise birthday is on the 22nd... Do you think its okay to go? She will be one month at that point. I know everyone will want to hold her... I guess that is what I am worried about. I don't want to be rude but I also don't want her to pick anything up. 

Re: Taking LO out and about

  • We took our little one out to the grocery store and the mall when she was 5 days old. Also had lots of family over to our house to see her. But they knew not to come and visit if they were sick. Our baby wasn't a premie and so I wasn't so concerned with exposing her to people as long as they were healthy.

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  • As a single parent, I don't have much of a choice. I'm on Dr ordered house arrest, but I've run out to the store a couple of times.

  • DD was in the NICU for 2 weeks, after which we mostly stayed in for another few weeks until it was closer to her May 1 due date (also the end of cold/flu season). We go places all the time now. I often wear her in the moby wrap. It is an awesome way to avoid people asking to hold your baby! I have never had anyone ask me to take her out of it so they could hold her. Maybe something like that would work for your aunt's party? 
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  • We've taken LO to dinner twice (first at 11 days) and the store once. Planning on a friends party on the 23rd - but wearing her so no one holds her.
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  • We started leaving the house at 6 days old. If we are going to a germy area or a place with lots of people. (such as the grabby checker ladies at our grocery store) I cover his carseat up with the blanket. 
  • We have been out since day one.  We didn't have a choice since we had to go in for weight checks.  Since we were already out I would add in a stop at Target or the grocery store.  If you don't want people touching the baby I would wear her or cover the carseat.
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  • My first trip alone with LO was to Target at 2 weeks.  After I had a successful trip that time I have taken him to the mall, Wal-Mart, out to eat two times, and to Target again.  No one but me or my DH was touching him though.  If I didn't do those things I would have lost my mind staying home all the time.

    I think it's okay to go to the party but I wouldn't want my LO passed around either.  I agree with others.  Wear your baby or politely tell people you don't feel comfortable having him held by many people right now.

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  • We took him to the pedi and to Target at 5 days old.  At Target, we put him in the car seat, in the basket of the cart (NEVER on top!!!) because I wasn't strong enough to wear him yet.  At 9 days, we went out to eat and DH or I held him the whole time.  At 11 days, we went grocery shopping and I wore him the whole time.  I didn't even get a "he's so cute" or "how old is he?" from strangers.  We've only had two guests so far, at separate times.  He's 2 weeks today and we're getting ready to head back to Target and I'll wear him.  We'll go to the outlets this weekend and I'll wear him then too.  Babywearing is the best!

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  • Our LO is 1 month today and has been to 3 weddings.  We didn't have much choice since they were all family weddings.  The first one was at 12 days.  He was passed between grandparents, great grandparents, and a few aunts and uncles, almost all of whom had been to the house to hold him multiple times already.  Everyone was healthy and had washed their hands.  I say do whatever you are most comfortable with!

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    We have been out since day one.  We didn't have a choice since we had to go in for weight checks.  Since we were already out I would add in a stop at Target or the grocery store.  If you don't want people touching the baby I would wear her or cover the carseat.

    This minus the wearing part, which I'm going to give a try one day.  I generally look mean so no one has tried to touch him yet.

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  • I have never been one who worried too much. I took DD1 and  DD2 to a friends baby shower when DD2 was only 3 days old. It's not like I passed her around the room but I never sat around keeping her away from people. I never did with DD1 either. 
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    We've been to stores since the first week but always cover her carseat. It's not very often but we need food! :) I haven't taken her to any group get togethers and probably won't until her 2 month shots...too many people will want to hold her. 
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  • I took Connor to cvs, target, DHs job, and the grocery store.  All times, I had him in his car seat, covered with a blanket.  No one touched him or asked about him.  I can't wait to get this moby wrap thing down so I can start wearing him!  I think that is a perfect solution.
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  • We started taking her out at about a week old.  I have never had a stranger attempt to touch her or even get close.  She has been all over the place now and hasn't been sick, I think it helps that it's not really cold/flu season now.
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  • We started taking DS out of the house a little over 2 weeks old.  We spent 11 days in the NICU so we had only been home for 4 days.  We took him to my sister's graduation and he was passed between my mother and I.  After that he has been to the grocery stores, mall, and we have had a graduation party.  If people want to hold him they know they have to wash their hands and not have been sick.  If we are out I cover the seat with a blanket to avoid germy people who I don't know.  DS is on oxygen and an apnea monitor so that also tends to make people take a step back.  He is four weeks old today and no problems yet.

  • We have been going since he was about a week old (once I was healed). We have done the mall, grocery store (Costco), we just got back from the lake...pretty much take him out lots.
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  • DD was full-term and I've never been a worry-wart either. We started going out and about after just a few days. My mom came to stay with me the first two weeks and we'd do lunch here and the grocery store there--nothing to long or too involved. She was always in her infant car seat carrier and people love to comment and look at her, but I've never had anyone touch her. Sometimes I'll put a blanket over the carrier, but only to block out bright light or loud noises.

    She has been held by lots of people so far, but only after washing hands or using hand sanitizer. I have a canister of Antibacterial Hand Wipes that I keep in my diaper bag. They've come in handy for grocery store trips or diaper changes on the fly. 

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    We stopped at BRU on the way home from the hospital!  We (DH, baby, and I) were in and out in 15 mins and just covered the carseat with a blanket.  The first week all 3 of us went to the Target and to the hair dresser.  Week 2 we went out for happy hour/dinner, Target a few times, and BRU (first outting just baby and me). Week 3 we went to Target, weight watchers, and mommy and me class (all baby and me) and DH, baby and I went out for brunch.  This morning Baby and I went to weight watchers and stopped at Home Goods for a quick walk-through.  Since week 2, I've been going for 2 walks a day around the neighborhood and once a week I meet my sister and her 3 kids at a nearby park for a walk.

    We always put the car seat in the big part of the cart and cover him with a blanket.  No one has stopped to look at him or try to touch him.  All trips are in and out as quickly as possible.

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  • All 3 of mine have been out and about since they came home from the hospital. Especially with #2 and #3 it just isn't practical to sit inside all day.
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  • Whenever you are comfortable. Alexander has already been to San Diego to visit family (about 6hr away) and on quite a few outings before then. With 3 boys undertow I just have to go about our business. Luckily he is a very very adaptable and calm baby.



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  • But for a very early early trip to Target when he was in the carrier in the main part of the basket, P is always in the moby when we go out. He's so tucked in people hardly notice him, and when they do, I never have to worry about someone trying to get too close. 

    I took him to the grocery store (he was 2 weeks on Friday) and left my 3 year old home with dad. It was so nice to be able to shop quickly.  

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