my supply is crapping out

I just need to be sad for a moment. For the past few weeks my supply while pumping at work has been diminishing. I used to get 12-14 oz a day and now I'm lucky to get 8. This morning after 20 mins I barely got 4. I've been supplementing during the day for a while but I really wanted to make it to 6 months BFing nights and weekends but I dont think I have the supply for that either. LO always seems hungry. Thanks for listening to my whiny vent. :-)
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Re: my supply is crapping out

  • me too :( i was only giving him one or two bottles a day and then out of nowhere, they just emptied out sooner into the feedings until i was down to only feeding twice a day. i have no idea what happened, but i miss it so much. i wanted to make it at least six months, but i'm glad i got to five at least.
  • If you are giving formula, your body isn't getting the message that your baby needs the milk so it's not making it.  Try to nurse as much as you can!  Keep drinking water and eating small snacks throughout the day.  Do you like oatmeal?
  • My supply had been dropping too.  I had to throw in an extra pump before bed and started drinking Mothers Milk tea and eating lactation cookies.  Now I'm getting 12-13 oz, which is enough to send to daycare the next day.  But yeah, it's definitely not like it was when I first returned to work and I was getting 9 oz in one session :(

    Throw in an extra pump if you can.  Good luck!

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  • I do nurse him whenever possible- mornings, nights, weekends, pretty much whenever I am with him in hopes that my body will get the message and kick it up a notch. I'd love to get away from supplmenting his daytime bottles if I can. I will try working in another pump session too. I'm not a fan of oatmeal but I will force it down if it helps!
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