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Stretch Marks

Okay ladies, I am jumping over from the 0-3 month board because I hope you will have an answer for me. Regarding ridding yourselves of stretch marks, what have you tried? I have a map below my belly button and I use Bio Oil currently but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I was wondering what products you have tried and gotten results? I was thinking the Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy but am open to other things. TIA!

Re: Stretch Marks

  • Most of those products are BS. Drinking lots of water, and time are really the only ways to lighten up stretch marks. They never go away fully, just turn a silvery color.
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  • I think Vitamin E oil helps. 

    I've been in a tanning bed once since DS was born. It lightened them quite a bit. 
  • They'll fade with time, but never go away completely.

    Don't waste your money on all those "vanishing" products. They're crap.

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  • If you buy the Vitamin E oil tablets and pop them, then rub the oil on the stretch marks, it lightens them a bit.

    Sadly, nothing will really lighten them except time. Tanning also helps, though my stretch marks are so bad, I'd never be able to build the courage to lay out at the swimming pool in a bikini.

    Be thankful that yours are just under your bellybutton. I have them on my arms, legs, breasts, my entire torso basicallly. The only thing that didn't get battle scars was my face, THANK GOD. My stomach looks like a tiger was clawing at it X)


  • Keep doing bio-oil. Mine almost went away completely at about 6 months pp. This time they are fading slower, but it's progressing. Just give it more time.
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  • i found mederma stretch mark therapy is helping and it smells nice.

    will also try tanning (in private of course)

  • I am trying the mederma therapy and crossing my fingers!!
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  • At 2 weeks pp, I doubt you will see much change.  At 6 months pp, I do see a change in my stomach.  I am exercising and eating healthy though, so everything is firming back up.  It takes time.  My stretch marks are getting very light, but I doubt I will have the courage to wear a bikini in public ever again.  I don't think there is a magic cure, it just takes time.  The stretch marks on my boobs are still pink, but I think that is because my boobs grew and are still bigger than pre-pregnancy.  I'm sure they will eventually fade too.
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