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Sleep help

My little one is a great sleeper when she's on us but she hates being on her back. Any tips for getting her to bed?? Within 5 minutes of putting her in her pack and play she's horribly upset.
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Re: Sleep help

  • Swaddling has worked wonders for both of my girls. I swear by the Halo swaddler sleep sacks.

    DD1 definitely went through a week or so of not wanting to sleep unless she was being held. DH and I just took turns sleeping and thankfully we got her in the PNP eventually. 

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  • DS would only sleep 5-10 minutes until I swaddled him in a halo sleep sack. I have to fold the top down. Otherwise, it rubs against his cheek, he roots, an then gets mad there's no boob there, lol. Once I figured this out, he sleeps 2-4 hours atas stretch at night. I've even jolted awake to make sure he's still breathing! 

  • DD2 hates sleeping on her back.  HATES it.  For the first two weeks, every night was a fight.  She only finally fell into deep sleep when she was completely exhausted.  Which was new to me; DD1 never had a problem with her crib or co-sleeper.

    Our saving grace has been the Fisher Price Rock N Play.  It's safe to use as a bassinet at night.  DD now goes right down to sleep, and will sleep in 6 hour stretches if I let her.  It even helps get burps out.

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  • Something that worked for me is transitioning my son from being held to being on his back by cradling him and walking with him. I cradle him in a horizontal position for a few minutes and walk until he falls asleep again, and he generally has a much better time sleeping on his back. When I go directly from holding in an upright position to back sleeping he gets fussy. 
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  • We're having a similar problem. My daughter has been sleeping in her cradle swing, which is on a slight incline, and she does fine. In her bassinette or crib, she will wake up after 10-15 minutes and she sounds really congested. We have been dealing with acid reflux though. My cousin suggested rolling a blanket under her bassinette mattress so it's on a slight incline, but it hasn't really helped too much. She hates being swaddled so that won't work for us either. I'm hoping as she gets a little older and when her stomach matures the reflux won't be as big of a problem and the sleep issues will go away too.

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  • I second giving the Rock N' Play Sleeper a try.  That's what LO sleeps in at night and it has been wonderful!  It has a slight incline (pp - it's supposed to be good for acid reflux).  It's also super easy to travel with so it has been good when I had to take him away for the night and when I had to take him into work for a few hours to get things done. I also love the swaddle wraps!

     I've also heard that laying them on their sides for a few minutes and then gently rolling them onto their backs can work wonders.  The nurses did that with our LO at the hospital.  Good luck!!!

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