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C-section and Cellulitis

I ended up needing a c-section (5/24) because DS was large (11 lbs 6 oz.) A couple days after coming home, I was back in the docs office because I thought the incision was looking infected. They say it's cellulitis. I was put on an antibiotic but it kept spreading, so now I'm on a different one. I was told to expect a bad yeast infection and that DS would probably get thrush since I'm breastfeeding. The doc mentioned that probiotics might help. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this. It's really painful as it is and I don't want DS suffering on top of it. Thanks!

Re: C-section and Cellulitis

  • TMI ahead.

    I had a c/s on 3/28, was discharged from the hospital on 3/31, and by 4/3 was developing cellulitis.  At that time, the Dr also found I also had a fluid pocket under my incision but it wasn't infected.  By 4/5, the cellulitis was from hip to hip, all across my lower abdomen and I had a fever high enough to be sent to the ER.  I was put on one antibiotic, then another, and finally was admitted into the hospital for IV antibiotics on 4/7.  My incision also became infected (and ruptured in two places) and I stayed in the hospital for 8 days.  I was on IV antibiotics for 10 days, and still have to have specialized medical treatment and see my OB weekly (even though my DD is 10 weeks old on Wednesday). 

    Because of the type of medications that the Drs HAD TO use, I could not breastfeed.  (The antibiotics that allowed breastfeeding were not working, and I was getting sicker and sicker).  I also became so sick that what milk I had I dried up.  I did get a horrible yeast infection.  The Dr. said that eating yogurt 3x a day would help, to replace all the good bacteria that the antibiotics were killing.  That + 2 rounds of difulcan did help.  Because by the time the yeast infection came on, BF was off the table, we did not have to deal with thrush.

    Hopefully, your situation does not advance to the life-threatening issues I had.  But I can advise if you start spiking a fever (101+) and getting chills w/ alternating hot flashes GO to the Dr. immediately.

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  • I got cellulitis 2x post c-section. I was on 2 courses of keflex, and never got a yeast infection or thrush (thank jeebus).  If your doc recommends probiotics, do it-it can't hurt anything!  Good luck to you, it sucks, but you will make it through!
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  • You might try posting this on the C-Section board too.

    I haven't dealt with cellulitis but did deal with thrush. I started taking acidophilus while we were treating the thrush (with Nystatin for me and Diflucan for DS) as I read that it can help. I'm including a link to a thrush article that mentions how acidophilus can help promote friendly bacteria. 

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