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My story begins in August of 2011. Miguel and I decided approaching 2 years married we were going to try and have a baby. Boy were we in for a surprise. We tried for a couple months with no luck but we weren?t really trying that hard. I had been getting my cycle every 31 days since I was 11 and did not think anything was abnormal. In December of 2011 I found out I was pregnant. I was so excited! On January 3rd I took a test and it was negative later that day I started bleeding. I assumed I was having a miscarriage because I was cramping to the point of it keeping me awake that night. My doctor confirmed later that it was a loss of a baby. I seemed to be taking it well and ok but then 3 months went by and I did not have one cycle. I finally went to a different doctor In March of 2012 because my other doctor was reassuring me that it was normal and that because im young not to worry. However I do not consider that normal and wanted to get some answers. My new doctor but me on medicine to start my period and I got it in the first part of April. Literally 14 days after I had started the last one I started another period. Then i went in for my yearly on May 15 with a different doctor in the practice and still hadn?t gotten my period. This was considered a week late by my specific calculations. The doctor wanted to put me back on the medicine I told him no because it did me no good last time. I had 2 periods within 14 days and then my period still hadn?t come.I got my period May 27th so it was 23 days late. My concern is that I have PCOS. One of my friends that had PCOS said that she had a completely normal cycle up until she had her first miscarriage and then everything went crazy. I don?t know if im just being paranoid or if I should really push my doctors to do something. I go back June 15th and I am trying to find everything I can on PCOS to be fully informed. I just don?t know what else could be causing me not to ovulate and have a period after a miscarriage. I am so confused and in need of help!!! If anyone has been in this boat please let me know what you did.

Re: Possible PCOS

  • Irregular cycles after a miscarriage are normal and not an automatic sign of PCOS, esp after only a couple months and esp if you had regular cycles prior to the MC and are lacking any other PCOS symptoms. Miscarriages screw with your body and can take several cycles for things to regulate afterward. 

    Also, if you aren't charting your basal body temps you have no idea when you are ovulating and thus you have no idea when your period is late.  It sounds like you need to be patient, learn to chart to find out when your period is actually supposed to be arriving and when you're actually ovulating.

    Six years of infertility and loss, four IUIs, one IVF and one very awesome little boy born via med-free birth 10.24.13.
  • I would agree!! You need to get a calendar, and a box of ovulation predicters. Most women see ovulation around day 12 of their cycle. I suffer from PCOS, and I have medically induced peroids every month (last 4 yrs). Recently, my body started producing a period on its own. Its all a matter of re-teaching your body how to cycle correctly and produce a period. Taking medicaion for a period isnt gonna hurt your chance of producing a baby, it will help.

    What I would do if I were you is to mark day one of your cycle on your calendar. Then monitor that month, and mark when period begins again.


    June 1st-first day of period

    June 7th last day of period

    June 30th first day of period

    Now somewhere around days 12-14 u should ovulate. Use the directions on your ovulation predictor kit to correctly use the test to determine your exact ovualtion day.

    This is the way my RE has me doing mine.

    Good luck and stay patient!!!


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