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First Words

Just wondering if or when your LOs said their first words ( or close to it).


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Re: First Words

  • My DS goes crazy saying "Ddddddda!" whenever he sees his rubbery ducky. I'm not 100% counting this is as a first word but he is definitely associating that sound to the little duck! 
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  • We think he's been saying "hi", but only once in a while. 

     DH is convinced he said "Ninja" over the weekend.  I know random, right?  haha, They were watching something on tv that had people dressed up as Ninja's (some random Nick Jr. show) and DH kept saying it and supposedly LO said it twice.  I was still sleeping so I didn't hear this.

    He says Dada all the time, but to nothing in particular.  I'm waiting, very impatiently for "Mama." :(

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  • DD1 was exactly 10 months old when she pointed to her grandparents cat and said "kitty."  
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  • I swear my LO said "hi" all the time when he was 1-3 months old but it was just the sounds he was making. He can say "ba ba", "ga ga", and he said "ma ma" for the first time on Mother's Day....swoon

    We are still trying to get him to say "da da". Who knows, maybe he will for Father's Day?

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  • 10 months he said "key" for kitty and now at 11 months he says "car"
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  • At 10 months DD said "dog". She then quickly learned  hi, bye bye byes, daddy ( she says dadeee), hi, more, yes, no, and the baby sitters friend swears to god she says Alcatraz and apple.
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  •  I dont think mine says anything that kinda makes sense. He says dada alot but i dont think he means dad. He also screams something like "Dad" and my husband goes "what" every single time..BUT I dont think he really means dad.

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  • My DS's first word was Bye bye at about 10 months.  hee says "bahbye" for good bye and hello, so still working on "hi".  He now says on, off (kind of sound the same Stick out tongue), kitty, baba (daddy in greek), uhoh.  Still no mommy, although he seems to just call us both baba for now :) 



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  • She said "dada" at 7 months I think (crazy early, I know, but she says it all the time to DH), she cries for "mama" when she wants me since 9 months but doesn't address me as that otherwise, then at 10 months she said "gamama" which means Grandma to my mother repeatedly throughout a weekend visit, and as of last week she says "duck" to her favorite duck toy and I think she even tries to quack! She's an incredibly verbal kid though and always has been. She has been babbling non stop all day every day since she was 5 months old. I can't shut her up!
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  • He has said dada and mama for a long time, however he didn't know what they mean.  A week ago he started saying mama to get my attention and we are counting that as his first word.

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  • We hear "Dada" and "daaaaad" quite a bit in our house (usually very loudly)...I swear he says "tank you" when we give him things, we've always been adament about saying "please" and "thank you" to him, so I'm hoping that it is rubbingoff on him. He sure does babble a lot...which is theeee cutest thing in the world!! :)
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  • I swear he said Hi this morning as we were waving at each other and saying "Hi! Hello!" at 6.5 months he said ma-ma and the next day started crawling and didn't say any consonants until 10.5 months he started saying ga-ga and da-da. We think he is trying to say Daddy too because sometime he will go "Da-eee" but who knows
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  • Besides "mama," DD has been saying "hot" for about a month now.
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  • Mine said BOB at 7 months.  We don't know who bob is.  She may have meant bottle.  I'm not sure if that counts as a first word.  She's also babbled "mum mum mum" and there was a period when she babbled "dadada" which DH just loved.  I'm not sure this counts as actual words.
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  • DD will shriek from her crib, "MOMMY!". It's her favorite word.
  • She has been saying mama and dada for a little over a month.  She says baba, but I don't think she means it for anything bc we don't bottle feed.  I think she is trying to say Daisy (our dog)--she makes the d sound and then and s sound.
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  • Our sons first word was "mamma" close to 9months. I don't know if he still says it to me or not, mostly because he only says it when he is upset and is really hungry LOL
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  • My DD started with words about a month ago. Of course mama and dada came months ago.

    These are her current words:


    Lilly - my moms dog

    Hi and Hey

    Pup Pup (puppy)

    Boot (booty) LOL

    Eeera (ezra) our dog

    Blue - learned this one today. 

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  • J says balloon. Random, I know. It started at Easter when we had a bunch in the house and it never stopped. God help us if we don't buy a new balloon every week at the grocery store. He was 10 months.
  • DD said 'da da' at 6 months but didn't associate it with him until probably 10 months. She says 'ma ma' and mommy. Started saying those at 10 1/2 months. She can also say ba ba for bottle and I think she's starting to say doggy. She doesn't say ball, book, cup, or kitty but she knows what they mean and will go get them (not the cat though! lol) when I ask her to do so.
  • dd says uh-oh and that is it.  She babbles a lot but I don't think she understands or associates anything with it yet.
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