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So I have my first pedi tomorrow and a question (NBR)

My feet are a hot mess. They are really rough and my polish is coming off. Do I need to pretty them up a bit before I go or do these people really not care?

Re: So I have my first pedi tomorrow and a question (NBR)

  • No! The whole point of a pedi is to pamper your feet. Leave it to the pros to pretty them up :) I guarantee they have probably seen much worse than what you think your feet look like. Enjoy it!

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    I don't think they care!  You are going to get them pretty.... I wouldn't worry about it!!


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  • I had the same dilemma last week! I gave up on trying to pretty them up (too hard to reach feet). I was kinda embarrased at first but the girl was so nice and she had kids so she totally understood how hard it is to maintain pretty feet while pregnant. She did a great job and after about 2 minutes I was totally relaxed and didn't even care what anyone thought. Enjoy your pedi!


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  • They really don't care.  Trust me, they have seen WAY more disgusting feet than yours.  If you feel bad a good tip always helps :)
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  • I agree with previous posters.... But I just wanted to say ENJOY your pedi! I'm going next week and I can't wait!!
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  • I say as long as your feet are clean you have nothing to worry about Smile Enjoy your pedi!
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  • I agree with PP. Be sure if this is your first ever pedi, wear flip flops and shorts, a skirt, or pants that will push up to your knees. (I didn't think about this the first time, and it made things awkward!!)


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