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No sick days?!?!?!

So reason #472 why I think being a SAHM is tougher than everyone sick days.  I have a horrible sinus infection, have been running a fever all day, my throat is KILLING me, I'm dripping snot like there's no tommorrow, my head feels like it might explode at any moment, and did I get to stay under the covers with my cough drops and box of tissues?  Uh, to deal with a teething child who JUST now went to bed.  I just wanted to post this before my drugs kick in and I too am asleep, but it was just one of 1000 little "oh wow, this job is SO hard" moments I've had since quitting my 60+ hour a week job in sales to stay at home.  And I thought a baby would be a walk in the park compared to my old boss... 

Re: No sick days?!?!?!

  • Yes you are so right! It is SO hard when you are sick, or worse yet, when you, DH, and baby are ALL sick! And all you want to do is go to bed and try to recover but you can't because you are taking care of the sick baby, who refuses to sleep becuse they are sick.

    My advice..if DH is not sick, he needs to help as much as he possibly can. Even if that means HE takes a sick day. My DH has had to do that for me when I got miserably sick and literally could not take care of DS.

     BTW< I am a huge Horns fan too!!!! GO UT!

  • I was going to respond to your post till I saw your siggy.... toooo bad.... hehe.

    Thankfully, my mom is going to help out a LOT with DS, so if I need a "sick day" she can help me out. :) I definitely feel blessed in that way.


  • I'm sorry you are sick I hope you feel better soon.  Right now DH is sick so I haven't had any breaks from my boys b/c he can't help.  (Which is why I finished off the  bottle of wine last night after they went to bed!)
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  • try also having a husband that is gone 5-7 days at a time and is only home for 2 or 3 days in between...

    fun times when no body you know lives by you and you never get a break!

  • I was in the same boat last week when both DS and I were sick.  Thankfully DH took over when he got home and got up with DS so I could sleep, but the days were rough because DS did not want to nap and when he would fall asleep he would start coughing and wake himself up.  I hope you feel better! 
  • I feel your pain.  Yesterday I was running a fever and couldn't go more than 5 feet from the bathroom.  Thank God, my MIL lives only a block away and was free.  She took DS for a good portion of the day so I could try to recoup.
  • Amen!  It's tough stuff.  Hopefully you'll feel better soon!
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