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Hey I was thinking about you since you hadn't been on here the last few days.  Glad you are back.  How are things going with Baby K and that whole situation?  Is she out of the hospital and home with someone?  I have been praying hard for you and your family. 
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  • First off. LOVE the siggy! And thank you for thinking of us and praying.  Baby girl needs all the love she can get right now. 

    Unfortunately Baby K is still in NICU. They did a muscle biopsy on her last week and are awaiting the results. They fear she could have a very rare genetic disease involving the muscular system. She is still on the vent but just the nose cannula although it is maxed out and they are pretty sure she will have to go back to the throat vent. They also think it may be a very long time before she is off it and they say she could be on it the rest of her life. My mother went for the day on Sunday, it was a long and hard trip but totally worth it to hold her for those hours. Niece has still not been to the hospital since I told you all about it the last time so I guess we are going on a month since has physically gone up there. She tried to text me a little over a week ago and I did not respond. I'm not listening to her lies anymore. She has continued telling my mother she has been at the hospital tirelessly but the day my mother showed up she was "home sick". I'm not sure why my mother keeps playing this stupid game with her but I am tired of arguing with her about it as well.  The social worker said yesterday that she is finally going to call CPS and that she is not sure if CPS will cut off our rights to call and visit or not. She said she will make a case for us but it is ultimately their decision.  She apparently hasn't wanted to involve CPS because she says they are more trouble than they are worth. We'll see I guess.  

    Not sure if I told you this or not but the "baby daddy" finally admitted he wasn't the father. No sh!t Sherlock. He has actually been up there more than niece but that is because he's making her "work" and says he's going to check on her baby.....or so that is what HIS WIFE SAYS.  Yup, she called my mother and they had a good, long conversation.  It is just such a ridiculous situation that DH just looks at me like where do these people come from??  

  • This whole thing is just so incredibly sad/ridiculous/heart-breaking.  All things in one.   Continued T&P for Baby K.  
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  • That's terrible and so sad; sending T&Ps
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  • Wow, this is a horrible thing Ambicklion.  I am so sad for this little baby who has hadly anyone going to see her while she struggles for her life on a daily basis.  I am glad your mom made another trip to see her.

    I am glad CPS is getting involved and hopefully they will see that you and your mom care for this little one so much and will not take away any of your rights to see Baby K.  Continuing to pray for Baby K and your family every day. 

    Not getting on the Nice List this way
  • 1) Good to see you back!

    2) Thank you for updating us on baby K. I have been thinking of her - and you ::hugs:: 

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    Farewell, nesticle, you will be missed
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