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anxiety overload....

My anxiety level has officially gone through the roof! I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child...I also have an incredible almost 10 month little boy. That alone is overwhelming...all I think about everyday is how in the world am I going to manage 2 little ones!??!!! I have a less than satisifactory relationship, one in which would be best if it wasn't one at all. Just so much stress at once...not sure how to handle it all! Just wondering if there's anyone out there that can relate, even a little bit, and offer some words of encouragement? I would appreciate anything I can get at this point.....
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Re: anxiety overload....

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    No advice here, but just wanted to give you a little encouragement--hang in there, you are doing a great job! Hope some stress is relieved soon, and that everything works out for the best!
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  • Have you been to the 2 under 2 board?  If not, I suggest that or something similar.

    I was just talking to my neighbor yesterday and she shared in a "knowing" way that it was a significant milestone now that her DD is 3 and DS is 1.  They survived.  You will survive too.  I would say (based simply on my difficult times): allow that it's going to be nuts and remind yourself it WILL pass.  You will "manage" it somehow although it may not be very manageable ... if you know what I mean.  You obviously care...  Take a deep breath, you can do this!

    I have to remind myself this from time to time also... sometimes it works better than other times... thankfully I have folks (or a counselor in the really hard times) to remind me...

    What worked for me: Happy Problem ... I may have Problems but b/c they stem (in part) from my lovely child ... that is Happy.

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