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Double Ear Infection

I know this is probably a long shot but for those whose little one's have had a double ear infection have you found anything that helps them at all?  My DS has been on Amoxicillin since Friday evening but he has been arching and screaming non-stop since Friday.  The doctors keep telling us to give him Tylenol and Motrin but neither of those have helped at all. He won't let me lay him down and at the same time he doesn't want to be held. He is just completely miserable.  If you have anything that has helped please let me know.  
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Re: Double Ear Infection

  • Poor baby :(  Our LO has had 4 ear infections since January and one time it was a double ear infection.  There isn't too much you can do.  Maybe put a blanket or something under his mattress to elevate him a bit when he lays down. 

     On a good note, he should start to feel better soon.  Hang in there...

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  • We just recently recovered from a terrible double ear infection! (worst week of my life!!!) My little guy was put on Amoxicillin as well and after about 3 days we took him back because he was not getting any better (worse if you ask me)..he was switched to Augmentin and within 24 hours there was a noticable difference! I'd definitely make some phone calls and see about getting your babe re-checked!! It's just so terrible to have to watch them suffer and not have any way of bringing them relief!! Good luck! hope your little one gets to feeling better soon!
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  • Ask for a prescription for the ear numbing drops, they will save your life.  All Amox does is get rid of the infection, but your LO still has pain.  My husband even uses the numbing drops when he gets ear infections. 

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  • We had so many double ear infections, B ended up getting tubes last week.  The only thing that would calm him down on those nights when he was in pain (after Motrin) was the infant swing.  It kept him upright, but still comfy.

  • DD1 had tubes due to recurring ear infections, and it looks like DD2 is on her way there, too. If after being on a med since Friday he's not doing any better, call your pedi and get a different med. A warm washcloth held to the ear can help with the pain a bit, but it's not a long lasting remedy :(
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  • No advice but I am so sorry! Poor thing! I hope this passes quickly.
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  • Thanks everyone. After arguing with the doctors for days they finally saw us last night and switched us to Omnicef.  I am hoping this helps him because when they saw him yesterday they said his ears were worse and looked like balloons ready to pop. It makes me so frustrated when the doctors don't think we know anything. 
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