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Who is hosting your shower?

Hi Ladies,

 As soon as my mom and MIL found out I was pregnant, they offered to host a shower. Also, a friend at work immeidately volunteered. Do I have two or see if they want to work together? Turn one down?

 Who is hosting yours and are you having just one shower?

Thanks for sharing Big Smile


Re: Who is hosting your shower?

  • CranangCranang
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    My best friend of 25 years threw my friends and family shower, and my boss and another co-worker planned and hosted my work shower.
  • How fun!

    You can split them up into 2 if you like. 

    Family shower was hosted by my MIL. My local friends shower was hosted by a friend. Work shower was small and just thrown for me by my immediate team, I don't think there was a host as much as all of the girls saying, "let's order a cake and ice cream and buy her this!" LOL


  • I might mention this to both of them and see what they each had in mind. My guess would be that your MIL probably wants to have a family/friends-n-family shower, and your work friend wants to have a work shower. But maybe they'd both be relieved or excited to share the work of hosting with each other.

    Oh, and my best friend is hosting a shower for my close friends and family members (7 girlfriends, 5 family members), and my MIL is hosting a larger shower for her friends and extended family members. They worked together on my bridal shower and ended up hating each other by the end of it, so this time we decided to let them each host their own vision :)

  • I would talk to your mom and MIL about whether they would like to host one together for both sides of the family or whether they want to host their own - one for your family and one for his.  Let them tell you what they had in mind.

    As for the co-worker, she could throw one for all of your friends if you don't have room to include them in the family shower.

    My best friend offered to throw a shower for me and suggested no more than 20 people, so since that would cover the women in my family and my H's family, we made that shower family only.  Another friend offered to throw me a shower later so her shower is all of my girlfriends.

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  • ccamccam
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    My family lives out of state, so I'll be having one locally given by my MIL and anoterh near my parents given by my Mom.  I'm sure I'll also have a small surprise at work. 


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  • My MIL wanted to host the baby shower, but I explained its tradition in my family that the mommy-to-be's mom and sisters get together and plan the baby shower together, its been that way since my grandmother's mother. She understood and let it go. I felt bad, but i asked if she can throw the Baptism party and she was happy to do so! So it all worked out.

  • We had a family and friends shower, and we had a work shower. 

    After 3 boys (only one shower) we are pregnant with a girl and when we found out my MIL insisted that we have a shower again just for her as everything I have is for a boy.  

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  • My Mom, two of her close friends and my BFF. 

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  • My best friend threw me a small intimate shower for my close friends. My aunt threw a shower for one side of the family and friends, and another aunt is throwing a shower for the other side of the family and friends. I have a very large family.
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  • Have two, separate showers. It'll be much simpler that way since each shower would be for two, separate groups of people you know.

    I had two showers, as well. The first was hosted by my MIL and SIL and guests included DH's friends and family (DH is from Canada so it was held in his hometown). The second was thrown by a close friend and the guest list was comprised of my friends and a few family members.

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  • My mom, mil, and a close friend.
    It's gonna be one very big shower! Big family and co-ed!
  • I am having three showers (which i was not thrilled to find out about b/c i am abotu the most awkward person in the world when it comes to showers/being the focal point, etc...i never know what to say!).  The reason i am having three is b/c people at work threw me one (they don't know my family or friends at all).  I had one on my side of the family...i grew up in another state, so i had to travel home for that one.  It would be impractical for DH's family to travel that far for a shower.  And then DH's side is throwing me one where we live now.  I think if certain groups of family/friends don't have a lot of overlap, it is very common to have seperate showers.

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  • kjskjskjskjs
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    I'm having two showers. One in my hometown hosted by my mom for my side of the family (all living in that area) and my friends who live there. The other one is being help in my current two by my Sister in law (h's sister) and will be H's family, our friends, my friends, and a few former coworkers.
  • A good friend and her husband are throwing our co-ed baby shower/pool party and it's only friends, mostly in the same circle of friends, but not entirely.

    Some of my co-workers told me they'd be throwing me a shower and it's definitely work only.  My husband is invited, but that's it from outside the company.   It will be held at lunchtime on a workday.

    I would let your mom/MIL do theirs with family/friends and let your co-worker organize a work one. 

  • I think its too early for me to be talking baby showers but I love this board!! I know for sure I am flying to Cali to have one that my Stepmom and stepsister is hosting (stepsis is flying in from Japan for this one!!) and My bff here in Phx said she wants to do one for me but my mom (who lives in Texas) wants to do one here in Phx for me also..... not sure how its supposed to work out.... Im not having one at work because I work witha bunch of men lol
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  • aaimeeaaimee
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    My mom and mil did the same. :)
  • I only had one, and it was co-hosted by my mother and my MIL. 
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  • I had 4 showers.  One hosted by my mom and sister, one by MIL and SIl, one by friends and one by co-workers.  If you have a few people to invite to each (like 10 or so) then have a few.  I think one shower for 30+ people is just too many to have any fun.
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  • when I was pregnant with my son I had 2 showers, one was hosted by my MIL and the other was hosted by my best friend.

    That was 11 years ago.

    This time a family friend is hosting a small shower.

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  • I'd keep them separate and just have two. Find out which one your friends could also be invited to. That way all of your bases are covered.

    I am having 3. My MIL's friends are hosting one here locally, my SIL's (I have 4 brothers) are throwing one with my whole side of the family as one of our activities at our family reunion 6 hours from here, (kinda strange), and then my best friend really wants to host one too. It will be with friends. It will be overwhelming but I'm so thankful for the generosity in wanting to do this for our little family.

  • My family was old school and although I had 3 showers for my first LO none of them were hosted by immediate family.  One was hosted by my cousin (2nd cousin actually), second one was hosted by a good friend at church and the third one was hosted by a coworker at her home.
  • My mom and close family friend who I consider like an aunt hosted a shower for family. Two of my close friends hosted a co-ed shower for friends.
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  • My best friends along with my family are throwing me a shower for my side of the fmaily and friends.

    My MIL and SIL and DH's aunt are throwing me a shower for his side of the family in the town where we are from.

    My boss and friend/co-workers are throwing me a shower at work.

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  • image PunkyBooster:

    How fun!

    You can split them up into 2 if you like. 

    Family shower was hosted by my MIL. My local friends shower was hosted by a friend. Work shower was small and just thrown for me by my immediate team, I don't think there was a host as much as all of the girls saying, "let's order a cake and ice cream and buy her this!" LOL


    this was me, exactly!  Although my mom did the family one, but MIL was there and helped out with food.  

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  • I'm having one work shower and that's basically it. We just moved to this area and don't have a big social base yet. I'm normally resistant to any occasion where people feel required to bring gifts, but this is relatively small and I'm grateful to have the experience of celebrating the baby (and very grateful for the kindness of my coworkers who are planning it).
  • 4 co-workers threw a surprise shower for me at work.  My mom is throwing my main shower, but with some help from a couple of other people who are making the favors and centerpieces. 
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  • I believe I'm having 2..
    I have a lot of family around here and 2 (my grandmother and step-grandmother?) really want to have the shower as I'm the first grandchild to be having a baby!
    My grandmother's well be her side of the family.. which includes her sister, my aunts/uncles wives, cousins, my mother and sister.
    My step-grandmother? (My step fathers mother..) will include that whole side of the family. My aunts, cousins, etc. as well as my mother and sister again.
    That doesn't even include any of my friends but I'm sure they'll be added in somewhere... We'll see!
    I suppose they could combine it and have a whole big family event concidering they are both local but some of them have never even met! Also, I wouldn't expect either of them to have to host a large group.  I plan on making sure that they both keep it simple. Nothing crazy.. just in at-home type get together! Gifts opional! I don't want anyone feeling obliguated!

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  • MelleTXMelleTX
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    I'm having two. I belong to a large women's organization and have a lot of friends in that group. Several of them are throwing me a shower for that group of ladies. My sister is throwing another shower for family and other friends.

    There might also be a small shower in Louisiana thrown by my college girlfriends, but that is really more like a pay for your own lunch with about 8 of us when I am 22 weeks. Not a traditional "shower" by any means. Just another excuse for us all to get together. 

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  • My MIL, one of my girl friends and my 2 sisters all worked together and hosted my first shower and a few of my husbands clients (about 10 of them) hosted the second shower. I am now hosting my sisters on Sunday. =-)

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  • My 21 yr old daughter is hosting my baby shower with help from my 2 sister-in-laws......she insisted!!!


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