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Weaned! Yay/Sigh

At 25.5 months, I think we're fully weaned! DS started slowing down once I got pregnant, and on his own he got to where he may ask a few times a week but would only latch on once or twice. We are also challenging two new food allergies (corn and chicken, in addition to dairy, gluten, and peanuts) and I didn't want to limit my diet even further while pregnant when he was so close to weaning anyway.

Last Tuesday I decided we were done and we've talked about it several times since. Today he saw me topless (actually, he pulled down my top until my nipples were exposed...sheesh toddlers!) and got REALLY excited, and with him being fragile from teething I didn't have the heart to say no.

Well, he essentially mouthed both nipples (not latching on or even lingering), then said, "Nummy! Milk!" and went on about his life.  So I guess he is really done. I'm happy to have gone so long and proud of him for handling it so well, and also a bit hoping he picks back up when DD is born in September. Not sure if I'm ready for my baby to really be done!

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Re: Weaned! Yay/Sigh

  • Good for you for making it that long! I hope that I follow in your footsteps!
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  • After the first year, it was easy until I got pregnant, but then pregnancy encouraged him to slowly wean. Breastfeeding a toddler is pretty awesome! :D
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  • Congrats! I know it is bitter sweet. 

    I would totally encourage/welcome  a return to the breast when the baby arrives. I'm sure it would be helping older DD with this transition but after being weaned for a year and at 3.5 I felt we were beyond that point. The peak of her issues since the baby have arrived occur during nursing and it would be nice, in theory, to say "your turn". 

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  • Please I got to know how you breastfeed a toddler and not get stares or told why you are breastfeeding a older child when they can eat real food?

    I had 4 kids and breastfeed all of them, The 1st until age 2 weeks (because I did not have support) The 2nd until he was 1 yrs old (He stopped on his own because I was pregnant) My 3rd (my 1 & only daughter who breastfeed until age 4 yrs old) and my 4th child whom I am still breastfeeding who is 1 1/2 yrs old. I recenlty moved in with my mother with my kids and she questions me why I breastfeed my daughter until she was 4 yrs old. I told her I would of breastfeed longer but she started pre-school and my mom "didn't like it" when I did breastfeed her. Now my mom is questioning me about breastfeeding my 1 1/2 yr old son.

    What can I tell her to make her understand that no matter the age breast milk is good for the baby/toddler? She needs to know some health reasons why I breastfeed a toddler. Any suggeions are welcome :)

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