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Any June 8th Due FTMs ?

Hey Ladies..


I was just wondering if there are any FTMs who are due on the same date as me and have had NO signs of Labour ...even remotely ? Pelvic pressure has increased, but that's all about it...I have no nausea...no pains..water is intact and so is the mucous plug...

My doctor wont check for dilation till I have some positive symptom of labour...else they just want to wait till my due date...

 All I know is ( from last 3 weeks ) ..baby is head down, engaged ..and is moving down...

So I am a little concerned (with all June mammas going in early on board)...why my body is showing no symptoms : ( ... and i am really hoping to go the natural way...

Tried Walking for about 2 hours everyday with mild exercises...but i guess it's not doing much...  

Anyone with me ? 

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Re: Any June 8th Due FTMs ?

  • I'm due June 8th, but a STM. I'm chiming in just to say that with my first, I had zero symptoms of impending labor until the day before (mucus plug which doesn't even mean much). The day I went into labor I felt totally normal (for being 9 mos pregnant) until about 2 hrs before contractions started. You still could have another week or 2 before LO comes so it's not unusual to not have any symptoms yet. I know it's hard to be patient but you are really close now!
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  • I'm not a June 8th or FTM, but like pp, I didn't have any symptoms of impending labor until I was in labor with DD. I didn't lose my MP until I had been at the hospital for a couple of hours in labor.
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  • I'm due June 8, FTM, and I've had no symptoms either. However, I'm not really worried. I've been 1 cm dilated the last 2 weeks, baby is engaged, and he will come when he's ready!
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  • Like PPs I'm not a FTM, and I'm due on the 10th, but thought I'd share that with #1 and 2 I had no 'signs' of impending labor leading up to it. No BHs, no mucous plug, no nausea, no "cleaning out" of my body, no pelvic pain, etc. I had my 1st cervix check at 40w 6d with DS and was 2 cms dilated, and my MW did a sweep. After that I had bloody show and cramps, and was in labor the next morning. With DD, I just started contracting the night before her EDD, and it was labor. Don't worry! Your body and your LO are doing what they need to get ready, whether you feel it yet or not. 
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  • I'm a FTM and due June 10th but other than some BH I have had no signs of labor.  I don't think I lost my mucus plug and the last internal check I had was 36w and I was not dilated at all and baby was head down but not dropped into position yet.  I understand your frustration! 
  • I'm a FTM due on June 2nd - that's what, like 5 days?!?- and I got nothin'!!! Not really even pelvic pressure. No dilation, small % effacement.. I've tried sex, walking, raspberry leaf tea, primrose oil, etc. I'm getting a little annoyed with the belly monster. Hope you start progressing :)
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  • I am due June 6, also for the first time...like you, I haven't had any clear signs anything will be starting anytime soon. Increased pelvic pressure, and discharge, which is new. I'll find out at the doctor's today if that means anything and hopefully, they can check to see if dilation has started.
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  • I'm a FTM due on the 8th as well, and just like you - I've had no signs of labor. No BH contractions, no nausea, no noticable increase in discharge. Just extra pelvic pressure, but as of last week's check-up, LO's head was still "floating" just above the cervix (which was not dialated at all). 

    I have another check-up today. hoping to hear there is some sort of progression, but I'm not getting my hopes up.  

    Like you, my plans are to go natural, so I'm very anxious for whether I will know when it's time.  I know baby will decide when she's ready, but I'm SO ready for her to come, that I really don't want this to go past the due date.

    So I'm totally with you on how you're feeling. Here's to hoping our LOs will be here soon :-)

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  • I'm a FTM and due June 8th too.  I've had some BH, some contractions, plently of pelvic pressure and there are days when I feel like she is in my vagina but still nothing!! I thought I'd go early since I'm so unconfortable, but this little girl is comfy and stubborn! I'm starting to think she won't come until my MW induces me on 6/18!


  • FTM due June 8th too! Slowly losing mucus plug and a little show. At night, good amount of braxton hicks / prelabor contractions with cramping pretty close together but then go away after awhile, backache. -1 station, 1cm dialated, 70% effaced as of last Thursday (37 weeks, 1 day), chiro said well-engaged today. We'll see!
  • yetty25yetty25 member
    Im also a FTM due June 8th....no signs of labor for me.As of my last appointment i wasnt even dilated....so we will see this week, i ve been walking a lot....i ve been told it gets things moving.....im so ready to be done with this pregnancy.
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