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in the sun too long

Okay, so we went to the pool today and I wore my usual 30 on my body and skipped sunscreen on my legs (which is the norm)...After about an hour, my belly started getting a bright red pattern to it.  I wasn't in a bikini, my belly was actually covered!  Any one know why it would have gotten blotchy?  Also, I didn't realize pregnancy skin is more sensitive...so I am FRIED!!!  I was only out for two hours.  Crazy!  But I planned to stay out in the sun until my little girl makes her arrival since I'm a teacher and this is my last week of work.  I have a doctor's appointment this week, so I'll ask my midwife, but I just wondered if anyone else had this same problem.
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Re: in the sun too long

  • My skin is definitely waaaaay more sensitive when I'm pg.  Maybe your blotchy belly is a form of heat rash?
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    I agree, could be heat rash, but keep in mind that clothing/bathing suits don't necessarily block all of the sun's rays. Especially if you swimsuit was stretched on your belly, you could have gotten a sunburn through the material. That why you will see a UV rating on some swim gear like rash guards, especially for kids.
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    My skin is definitely waaaaay more sensitive when I'm pg.  Maybe your blotchy belly is a form of heat rash?

     It faded after about 4 hours of being in the air conditioning...So I have no idea!  My husband was freaking out though!  He is such a worrier!

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  • I did the same thing yesterday, decided to bust out a bikini and hop in the pool with the kids while dh was bbq'ing. Now I got a tender tummy, just on the top though. And "the girls" are way to red for my comfort level..i think pregnant skin is really thin maybe.
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  • Bathing suits don't block out UV rays unless they are made of special material (which most aren't) so you probably still got a little burn through your suit.
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  • i was at the beach on sunday, decided to make the trip out there in case i am told i cant go again. i used spf 100 sunblock, and my tatas still got burned to a crisp, my shoulders and my tummy pinkened up a bit. needless to say i was unaware pregnancy skin was any different. i was very shocked to see all of the burns and blotches. wish someone had told me sooner about that lol.
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