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Cavernous hemangioma?

Anyone have a baby with one of these. I've been using Google and its scaring me to death. I just need some positive imput if anyone has a baby with one of these and the outcome was wonderful and nothing to worry about. We are going to have a MRI next week on my daughter. Thanks!

Re: Cavernous hemangioma?

  • Where is it located? They are always benign. My little brother had one...not as an infant, though and it was external on his lip not internal .He had it excised twice and it grew back...finally had it lasered when the technology caught up.

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  • Well, she has two of them , one is on her right shoulder and the second is on top of her head by her hair line . (both external)

  •  Hi, I have 5 little ones and my 3rd child had this, I discovered it at 11 weeks old during bath time- I was very alarmed when I saw it too! ...hers wasn't red but just a large lump by her eye. Well, it grew, a little and we took her for check ups every month to watch it...he told us to expect it to grow quickly and if it started to interfere w/her vision we'd need to discuss surgery. In our case, at 6 mths it started to dissolve? We were so grateful to the Lord and so surprised- her dr was super surprised he says he's only seen a handful of his cases do that in all his years of practice. So by about 7 months it was nearly completely gone and she's 5 now and praise the Lord she has had no residual effects, can't even tell it was ever there. 


    I would perhaps encourage you to not google it bc sometimes it can make us mommies more fearful. But you know yourself best, in my case, it would unsettle me, I just tried to rely on the info my dr gave me and would bring It to the Lord in prayer. It's not easy the waiting game, hoping you have a good outcome and nothing too invasive for your precious little one. it is amazing what drs can do these days!!

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    Our little guy had one... we noticed the bump on his chest at 6 weeks and took him in. Dr did exam and ultrasound; as he wasn't sure if it was a hemangioma or another type of mass. He thought it was the other type and sent DS to large hospital for surgery to remove at 7 weeks old. Mass was 2 by 4 cm and pathology came back as benign hemangioma. Good luck to your family!
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