gift idea for a one year old girl?

I've been searching for a gift for a one year old girl and am lost.  I have no idea what to buy her.  I'd like to keep it under $25.  Thanks.
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Re: gift idea for a one year old girl?

  • My daughter's birthday was last week, and I was surprised that one thing she didn't get at all was basic beginner puzzles. We are actually going out this weekend to buy her some!
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  • I know that there is a coupon on for $3 off the Laugh and Learn Play Puppy. It looks adorable and i'm sure you could get it for under $25. The basic puzzle idea is also great or maybe some books?
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    My 1 yo fave toys: musical keyboard, legos (large blocks), play cell phone, spanish/english learning maracas-the musical toys are not loud. For the summer time, a blow up baby pool is a good idea. In the cooler months, the pool can be filled w/ play balls.
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  • I was thinking probably books, puzzles or anything she can stack. 
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  • The Playskool Busy Gears is awesome. DS got it for his birthday & he still plays with it almost daily even 6 months later. Play food or a tea set would be a good idea too. DS loves pretending to eat & drink things too. I have been thinking about getting him a toy shopping cart too.
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  • well, it's summer time, so you can't go wrong with a cute summer dress, some sandals, and a book. i just had to buy a birthday present for a one-year-old yesterday, went to walmart, and spent $15 on an outfit with the shoes, a waterproof bag to carry pool things in, and a book about seasons.
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