August 2012 Moms

Malware warning?

Anyone else getting this? Google chrome refuses to link me to this page so I'm using the trusty iPad instead...

DX: Endometriosis and Anovulatory Cycles 3/09
Laparoscopy/Cystectomy 9/11
Clomid 50mg 10/11, BFN
Clomid 150 mg 11/11, BFP!
Leo Nicholas, due 8/18/12, born 8/21/12 via c-section

Trying for #2
Right Unilateral Salpingo-Oophrectomy, 2/14
Natural cycle 5/14, BFN
Clomid 50mg 6/14, BFN
Clomid 100 mg 7/14

Re: Malware warning?

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