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wwyd - mn

our first son is first and middle of DH's family..(first name Henry)

i'm just assuming we're having a boy as i just have a feeling so i'm already thinking boys names!

i don't know of any other strong family names that i love for a first name but still open...

i also strongly believe in using a mn as honouring family members and will for sure use a family name for the mn...

would you use DH's side for mn on second boy or choose something from my side?

i know there's no right answer here - just looking for your opinion!


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Re: wwyd - mn

  • jas9210jas9210
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    I have this thing about being even lol so if it were me I would use something from my side and then back to DH's side and so on.
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  • wklj875wklj875
    My husband and I always agree on our first name together, then I pick a middle name from my Family side because they are getting his Families last name. (My husband has the right to  veto my MN choice if he wanted to, but he has always agreed on what I picked)
  • I agree with PP about being even. LO is named after DH's side and if we have another, it will certainly be named after my side. (Even though I haven't found any family names on my side I can tolerate...but I'm sure I will eventually)
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  • hmp1hmp1
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    To me it is more important to honor someone you love and admire, more so than being fair with the names. I also wouldn't use a name that I hate even though I love that person. Do you feel strongly about someone on your side of the family that you would like to use their name? What about your DH, any other people that he feels very strongly about and would like to use as a namesake? I love using family names to honor someone, but do not like digging through the family tree to find a "family" name.

    That said, DS is named after my grandfather and this boy will have DH's grandfather's name as his mn (it is also DH's mn). 

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