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T&P's needed

If I ever need T&P's today is the day!  

After putting me in the hospital, and running a million tests, I was finally diagnosed with preeclampsia. However, I am still having a "unique" case of it, as I'm missing lots of the symptoms, but have the ones that can cause the most problems. 

They started my induction yesterday morning at 7am. It's been a slow progression, but I know that's better for me, my body, and our little guy. They actually pulled back a little on the meds so that I could eat and sleep last night. I'm still having contractions, but not like they were yesterday while on the pitocin. They are starting back up the meds in 30 minutes, and hopefully with any luck, our little guy will be here today!

If for some reason the induction does not work, they will perform a c-section tomorrow, which I don't want. 

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