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Pain Pain go away.......

I am completely sore and swollen from the waist down. My daughter's head is putting major pressure on my pelvis. I feel a little better if I sit with my feet up however if I get up to walk I can feel my baby drop down and she shifts straight down into my pelvis. Crying and the pain starts all over again. I've had it pretty easy until now, but I am REALLY STARTING TO FEEL PREGNANT!!!!
May God Bless U and your little one.

Re: Pain Pain go away.......

  • I have to say... I'm not even sure where my waist IS these days... so I'm impressed :)

    But I feel your pain. All of a sudden I feel like everything you always hear about. UNCOMFORTABLE! and still 10 weeks to go. (for me)

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  • Ugh tell me about it.  So far it's just my left hip that is giving me so many problems.  It hurts 24/7 and it hurts so bad that it goes down into my leg, into my ankle.  My ankle is so swollen and so painful I have to wear a ace wrap just to help walk.
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